Water Running Through Abandoned Houses


Amazing photos of water running through this abandoned house.

It looks like a regular abandoned house standing in the downtown of Rostov-on-Don city, but if to inspect it closer one can see mini-waterfalls and lakes all through this house.

After many years staying abandoned  water sources from underground found their way up and formed this naturally formed water park. Streams are in constant movement and the water is always clean.









25 thoughts on “Water Running Through Abandoned Houses”

  1. I was going to say the exact same thing. It looks almost exactly like an abandoned set for Stalker.

    Although the 4th picture looks quite distinctively like someone has been there recently. Little brick lined channels like that don’t appear in nature.

  2. Look at the distinctive Russian Orthodox cross on the second picture. It is painted on the wall next to where the water exits the building. Is this meant as some form of blessing of the water?.

  3. Well if you pay a little more attention you’ll see that the house on first picture cant be the one we see on the others. It’s too small, the architectural style is different(look at the windows) and also the enviornment is different the first building is in some kide of town or village, there are some junk conainers, and there is another house in the neiborhood.

  4. That is a trip. It’s very sad to see things fall into disrepair. It reminds me so much of Detroit, Michigan. However, the streams and water is really cool. It looks as though someone has had fun creating walls outside of the building helping to channel the water. If I were a kid, I’d love to play in it.

  5. Yeah, this is bogus. There just “happens” to be trenches outside the bulding to catch the water and arches through the wall for the water to travel through. It’s a mill or something.

  6. Yeah the first picture is too different from the building in the rest of the photographs. Unless the building is very narrow and larger in the back, and has totally different architecture, they are 2 different buildings. It’s kind of sad to see ruins, though. Sure the water looks good, but this took a lot of money and work to build and is just abandoned now.

  7. wow if this is real its amazing
    just wanted to say this is the 1st artical i’ve ever read were people arnt fighing and being imature brovo

  8. Take a good look at the first picture … and look at the brickwork on top of the Windows ….. they don’t match the other pictures with the windows in them !!!!! all the brickwork just does not seem to add up !!!!!

  9. The Stakler was filmed in Estonia at the site of a hydroelectric power plant. The retreating Soviet Army destroyed it in 1941. The plant has been rebuilt http://www.goestonia.ee/index.php?y=480

    • Marvin, this is so exciting I just love exploring old places like this, it is so interesting and at the same time it gets me sad trying to figure out, what’s the story behind this buildings? who lived here, what were the people like, etc. Marvin do you know a little about this place?

  10. Wow!!! I never expected to see this on this blog.
    This is like 10 minutes from my home and i used to climb / play / swim there when i was little. Especially photo 5,6 brings lots of fun memories, there were also thick ropes hanging from the supports of roof (as there was no roof to speak of) so you could swing back and forth and drop into water. The water came from mineral spring so it very clean and cold.
    BTW this group of buildings (there are like a whole isle of them) is in the port on the river. There are also abandoned port / factory buildings nearby (many, many of them) but these on the pictures don’t seem to be factory related.
    It was a nice place to go exploring with my friends when i was a kid just to get away from the city noise. It was beyond unsafe to downright scary because of all the unstable bricks. I’m amazed it is still standing, guess no one cares.

  11. It seem’s it may have been built upon a natural “artesian well” site and had once been utilized in that connection.The trench’s were made to allow for the continuous free out-flow of the artesian stream.Drinking water may have been collected or even sold there by someone who had maintained the facility.This is my conjecture on what can be observed in these photo’s and the “why” of the trench’s and continual water flow.—-64kj4949b3a@sbcglobal.net—By–“SKYTRAINZASTRON”–U.F.O. Research—

  12. This looks perfect for a counter-strike map!!!!


    terrorist: destroy the buildig with your c4 bombs

    counter-terrorist: prevent the terrorist from destroying the building

    Map builded by:????

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