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77 Weird Russian Postcards

Weird Russian Postcards

Sometimes we see Japanese drawings with some crazy signs on them, but look how old Russian postcards looked like. Especially those
signatures (translated). The one above for example has a moto: "Not a single victim would WATER gets from us. OSVOD".
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54 New Paradigm

New Paradigm

This picture is an illustration from Russian governmental social site which deals with different family issues. It looks ok - like a simple family, with lot of kids etc. But people noticed that
it's an exact copy from the poster of Nazi Germany. Look on the photo below - that's a German propaganda poster which was used widely during WW2, appealing to Racial dominance of German White Race.
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34 First Russian PCs

First Russian PCs

These are personal computers that are being used in 80s in Russia. Sergei Frolov has them all in his collection. No IBMs, no "I'am PC and
I'am MAC" stuff. Just Soviet and East European stuff. And special Japanese YAMAHA on cyrillics made for Russian schools.
drive in
42 Russian Drive In

Russian Drive In

What cool drive-ins can be met in Russia... And did you know that some Russian governmental offices copy
design of their websites from Nazi German propaganda posters? See examples in our next post.
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20 Crane Felt Down in St. Petersburg

Crane Felt Down in St. Petersburg

Today in St.Petersburg a construction crane crushed the near-standing building, making a big
hole in the walls of the apartments, like the knife easily penetrates through the butter.
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186 Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

This photos are from cemetery in Yekaterinburg city. This Russian city was known in 90s as "crime capital of Russia", many Russian mafia leaders lived there, and many of them participated
in gang wars, as a result many of them now rest in peace on this cemetery. They always liked tombs like those, the production of such tomb also costs thousands of dollars.
new lada 2107 1

69 New Lada

New Lada

The car on the pic above is the old Russian LADA 2107. It was in production since 70s, until late 90s. When it was taken off from the production
many Russian people thought that finally they got rid of it. But here is a surprise from Russia car manufacturer. New Lada 2107.
moscow subway 1

62 Moscow Dungeons

Moscow Dungeons

These are photos of different underground parts of Moscow by Russos. He makes official photos for Moscow Subway System so he often visits different underground places in Moscow
that cannot be accessed by a regular person. He is fond of HDR post-processing of the photos so they look like a little bit overprocessed but still very cute.
russian church 1
20 New Russian Churches

New Russian Churches

  Probably in the nearest future Russian Orthodox Christian
churches would get a new look. Like this one on these pictures.
2 Russian Police Officers Dance

Russian Police Officers Dance

Russian police officers dance,
an amateur video record.

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