19 thoughts on “Another Truck Without A Wheel”

  1. funny how Sauri takes his time to type out “who cares”
    apparently, you do and enough that you would type a reply.
    try to make more logical comments next time

  2. I wonder how often something like this happens in the states. I mean, I’m sure it does, just no one takes pictures? I saw a semi driving in front of me once and one of his tires was completely torn off. And I saw another before and one of his back tires wouldn’t spin, so it was just leaving a giant skid mark behind him.

  3. Just imagine, he can now make an extra-wide left hand turn where the front of the truck passes right over the corner of a side walk and the truck will never touch it. An ingenious modification.

    Really, if you think about the wheel arrangement, this is similar to a motorcycle with a side car.

  4. Ha Ha, in western countries truck loses tire, driver loses control, truck and driver crashes.
    Because western vehicles cant go whitout all the tires.


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