7 thoughts on “Ambulance Has Priority”

  1. (She grabbed his arm)

    Listen… Ladies… If you are in a car and a guy is driving when you see something bad is going to happen, absolutely do not grab the driver. Not his leg, not his arm, and not the wheel. It is also a good idea to keep quiet except to notify the driver of any threats that they do not see.

    Distracting the driver will not improve the situation and may make it worse.

  2. Where the hell is Ralph Nader when you need him? That car looks like a friggin death trap! Seriously, a front end collision & it bursts into flame!?! Chalk another one up for Russian engineers…

  3. it looks like the ambulance went up and over the hood probably splitting open the fuel tank, thus the fire. And that’s not a russian car. looks like an opel.

  4. so what? american cars do not burn?
    useless flaming…
    us cars are trash.

    german cars are the best in the world


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