15 thoughts on “Snowy Roof”

  1. No, what is most likely to have happened is that the driver parked there before it was “danger taped”. Then the snow fell. Then people discoveres that the car had been hit. Then tape, then a photographer climbing up to the roof to get some snaps out it. Then more snow start melting and falling down.

  2. I’m amazed that they can just let all of that snow accumulate on the roof. The roof must have a difficult time supporting all of that weight.

    Too bad that there aren’t any pictures of the driver.

  3. Reminds me of the 3 ice inciendts we have been having in the USA. One in tampa, virginia, and I cannot find the other one. But it’s 3 in a row in three diferant states all with in a few hours of each other and three cars crushed!



  4. @5 – you mean that owning a Lexus makes you something special ? IMO it’s a plain ‘bourgeouis’ car, nothing special. This one ‘s a stationwagon, all the more plain and dull. For soccermoms, if such a concept would exist in Russia. Anyway.

    The owner of the roof is of course not insured for liability. The car owner is probably also not insured. Bad luck. Even if he was, the insurance probably wouldbn’t pay. Russian insurance companies started out at the basic level : just collect money, don’t pay anything.

  5. How many people are killed or injured each year by snow / ice falls from roofs? What can be done to reduce this hazard?

  6. “What can be done to reduce this hazard?”

    In more wealth countries there are metal bars on roofs that prevent snow from falling off like that. But icicles remain a threat.


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