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  1. “russian culture… nice…. just like xxx years ago!”

    Russian culture? Try American and Canadian culture on boxing week – just xx days ago! Try American and Canadian culture the first day PS3 came out – shootings, robberies, stampedes – just x months ago!

  2. Actually i want to see how Americans will act if they get limited party of magnetron ovens for 14$.

    Yeah! This is a sale on supermarket’s opening, and magnetron ovens costed only 14$!

    It is in Kazan (republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation).

  3. Wow. Interesting video… I haven’t seen anything like that here. Very interesting. Magnetron? What’s it?
    I think that there were no crytical situation, because there were no fights because of this good (is it really magnetron? wow!). And nobody takes it away from new happy owners. And nobody takes it away from 3-4 womens, it is shown in video. That is +.

  4. Magnetron? I don’t know what is but dictionary say that it is an equivalent of “микроволновка”, “СВЧ печь”.

    Superhigh frequency oven or smth like that, i don’t know common english well.

    Микроволновка = magnetron oven, microwave oven.

  5. So what? The American people are almost killing each other over $50 Apple notebook computers.


    A grand opening sale at a British IKEA store about a year ago sent six people, including one man who was stabbed, to the hospital.

  6. That woman who died was in the “hold your wee for a wii” contest held by a radio station in California. For those who aren’t familiar, this was for a Wii not a PS3. Contestants had to drink an 8oz glass of water every fifteen minutes for 90 minutes until it came down to two people, the woman who died and another. The station fired the people responsible, canceled the morning show in question and is now facing a lawsuit from the family. The station said something to the effect that proper precautions were not taken.

  7. Actually i want to see how Americans will act if they get limited party of magnetron ovens for 14$.

    It wouldn’t be this big of deal because the poorest of americans already have microwave ovens and probably wouldn’t be interested in a $14 one.

  8. Kostya,

    Да, и не первий раз. Половину фигни на етом сайте мозно найти в лубой стране. Вибирают самое хутчее и кидают суда штоб тупие Американци смеялись.

  9. I seee comments Russian, let me respond
    Desperate consumers prostrate before the capitalist master. Risking their lives for an oven.
    Well, it seems the joke is on Ivan.
    Russia GDP per capita (2006 PPP) $12,100
    US GDP per capita (2006 PPP) $43,500

    This is excellent web site, but we are not in competition and must not look at the pictures and try to determine winner. Russia must learn from USA and west, and the West must learn from former Soviet countries.
    I see many things that I would be proud of on this web site (if I was Russian) like the monument, or many of the art works. or the balls on the truck driver to drive truck with missing wheels!

    Stalin too thought the world economy was a zero sum game but we see how wrong he was.

  10. I hope u know guys that to live in Kazan, Tatarstan is even better than in Moscow now… I was amazed when i visited it this summer, eventhough i’m from New York i wanted to stay there :-)) Downtown Kazan looks like Manhattan, NYC now…. You should see it for yourself !!!

  11. Looks like they are handing out xbox 360’s ?….distinctly hear the clerk or someone in the background say “360 xbox” near the end of the video…duno for sure


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