11 thoughts on “Frozen Traffic Jam in Moscow”

  1. Ten days ago some streets in my home city (Portland, Oregon) were about as bad as this — and it took only about four inches (10cm) of snow to do it.

    Once the streets get slippery, all you need is one macho ding-dong who thinks the laws of physics don’t apply to him, to cause a wreck that can completely block a major street for hours.

    Did Moscow finally get some snow this winter, or are these pictures from a previous year?

  2. Some of the vehicles, even the buses, may have slid into those positions unintentionally. That can happen when it’s slippery, even on a fairly level surface. The white-and-blue bus near the center of the picture, for example, looks a little out of alignment with the overhead wires it is attached to. And the back end of the articulated bus at left wouldn’t be bent that far if it had just been going round the corner — most likely it slid further sideways when the bus stopped.

  3. “Here’s a video from the Portland” – that is really funny. πŸ˜€
    But i don’t think there was a snow storm – in Russia we call it just “snow”.

  4. That video from Portland is crazy. By the way chaosgone, are you from there? It seems like Portland and Seattle have a large Russian population.

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