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  1. Cayenne is not bodyguard of the owner of Carrera. It is false. I live in Moscow and i can confirm that there are very expensive cars in some police departments of Moscow.

  2. They have just stopped this car. Do not understand? May be a gray car was driven too fast so milizia stopped it to not let it have an accident on the roads.

    • I agree, only Porshe Cayenne could catch another porshe))
      But living in Moscow I can say that sometimes police cars Toyota Land Cruiser 100, 200, Poshe Cayenne follow executive cars as a security, mostly Mercedeses S classes, Audi A8, BMW 7 series, but usually only high authorities persons are able to afford such privilege.

  3. They didn’t stop it – it’s defenetly bodygards. Porshe police wouldn’t be stopping cars to get 10$ as a fine.
    It’s normal for rich MF to have police guarding them – it irritates people around and frightening them, that brings pleasure and satisfaction to the owner of Carrera. (And he is also afraid of being killed) The rison is obvious!

  4. Whats the point then for that guy in road-police uniform to get out from his vehicle and come to the Carrera GT?
    And by the way didn you all notice the tower on the background? This is the Kremlin and police is very serious there and they are on so-called “safe island” – the middle part of fork that devides streams and pedestrians can stop and wait.

    Its obvious ffs. Just turn on your brains.

    Bodyguard-car never goes behind, always in front to clear the path.

    • Rubbish. If it was a bodyguard duty it wouldnt be stopped, and there would be a radio or phone link so the police man wouldnt need to be talking to the driver.

      What has happened here, is that the Porsche has stopped (maybe waiting for a lady friend). The police officers in the Porsche protecting the Kremlin have stopped to tell it to move on immediately, as it is in an area of high security where stopping is not allowed.

  5. americans are the most ignorant people in the world.

    they think they are the best,
    but they can’t even beat a bunch of arabs
    (or vietnamese etc)

  6. Well one difference being that if some politician owned a Porsche Carrera in Sweden and then made police bodyguard him he would soon be out laughed by all. And the newspapers would have a ‘field day’ portraying the poor ‘schmuck’ :).

    It reminds me of the USA before the day the ‘buble burst’ (before 1929) when it was a ‘good thing’ showing of yourself as being rich, You know, that time when all streets was paved with gold ::))


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