17 thoughts on “Russian Wedding Guy”

  1. English Russia posting once again the photo of the ugly guy fimed by bad camera.

    Laughing at the people with disfigurements is incorrect and inhuman!

  2. To Finnish Alcoholic Online:

    You wrote: “Laughing at the people with disfigurements is incorrect and inhuman!”

    I have to disagree with the sentence above. God created these people for our amusement, so not having a laugh at them would be blasphemous and ignorant.

  3. Hello Everybody.
    I see you have good laugh at my picture. Laugh no more I tell you. I was invite to Dr. 90210 show for total fixover. I shall look like Brad Pitt and sleep with your wifes.
    I want to say thank you to Finnish Alcoholic Online for sticking up to me. We, mutants protect each other.

  4. To koniu
    If there’s a blasphemer here, than it’s you. You’re a heretik and the Holy Inquisition will burn you. in your car.

  5. Hello, i’m the guy from this photo.

    I’m going to become beautiful like in this video: http://video.mail.ru/mail/neviussoft/smeh/64.html

  6. @ dionich

    I could take a picture of a fat american girl for you but I’m afraid they don’t make memory cards large enough yet. 🙂


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