Frozen Something from Estonia

frozen thing

Yesterday we had a frozen waterfall in Estonia, today there is something else frozen from this small country, hard to say what is it for sure.

Some say it might be that waterfall from outside, some say it’s a monument to frozen jelly-fishes or Chtulhus.

Still those guys enjoy to be shot with this thing in the background, and the thing itself looks pretty interesting, minding that fact that it is located somewhere inside the forest.

frozen thing

frozen thing

46 thoughts on “Frozen Something from Estonia”

  1. geyser? do those even exist in the baltics? on the first picture is do look a bit like there is smoke comming up from it.

    (there is one in kamchatka, russia. can you make requests? 😉

    wierd, indeed!

  2. So yeah, what does Estonia have to do with Russia? If you’re going to post amusing pictures from all over the world anyway, rename the site as well.

  3. Why you deny the fact that for foriegners Estonia, Ukraine othe former USSR republics that are now countries are all the same and for them it’s all Russia, most people in Russia call guys from Irland – English, so what do you expect?!

        • The native language of Ireland is actually called Irish – if one is speaking English. Since I don’t speak the lingo myself, I’d not want to say what Irish is called when you’re speaking Irish, but I think it is something close to `Gaelic’.

          British (and, for that matter, Irish) people /now/ know very well that Estonia isn’t part of Russia. But back when the USSR was around and the Iron Curtain kept people and reporters out, British people knew almost nothing about the various Soviet republics and thought of the whole USSR as `Russia’, despite a general vague awareness that it wasn’t entirely all Russia.

          btw, people from parts of the British Isles who aren’t English are used to tiresome foreigners calling them `English’. They don’t usually get annoyed the first time, unless it’s someone who’s got no excuse for making a mistake like that (I’m English – if *I* called an Irishman `English’, I’d be lucky to get away with searing sarcasm).

          After all, how many Russians can be expected to know about Wales? Or spot an Irish accent? Ignorance isn’t a crime.

          I think it’s interesting to see interesting things from abroad. Why not post stuff from ex Soviet republics on this site? Just so long as it’s made clear that there’s no attempt to claim that Estonia /ought/ to be under Moscow’s control any more, y’know?

          After all, a lot of the ex Soviet republics were once under the brutal domination of the Tsarist Russian empire, then under the even more brutal domination of the USSR (often with a bit of really filthy brutality from the Germans in between, courtesy of the Third Reich), and now they’re finally free – or at least in the EU (in many cases), which will do as a decent approximation (the EU takes power away from national governments, but does attempt to provide more liberty for individuals).

          Under the circumstances, it’s perfectly reasonable for anyone from any of the ex Soviet republics (or nations that used to be part of the Tsarist Russian empire before then) to complain bitterly if it’s suggested that they’re part of Russia in any way – it’s all a bit too recent for people to be at all relaxed about it, especially since current Moscow foreign policy does seem to revolve around the idea that Moscow /ought/ still to be running all these places.

          But it’s still interesting to see things from Estonia and Kazakhstan and so on – and you can hardly say that these places have nothing to do with Russia at all, given the facts of history and current political processes and plain geography: they do all border Russia, were once run by Russia, and Russia still wants to run them.

          (Which facts explain why Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania all joined the EU and NATO as quickly as they could – that makes those nations safe from being taken over by Russia again, and good luck to them.)

  4. “They were once the same country.”

    Literally speaking, Estonia was twice under Russian rule. 1710-1918 and 1940-1991. There was extensive russification during that time and there’s a significant Russian population in Estonia today. However, I don’t see how that would make Estonia a part of Russia in any way. It’s very much a western country and crucially different from Russia.

    The inclusion of non-Russian countries in this blog has the wrong tone to it. I think clear categories should be created for counties not Russian. Estonia could be under the label “The Baltic” or “Eastern Europe”.

    • Dude… stop with the patriotism, the thing is correctly labeled, I enjoy seeing stuff from other countries than Russia.

      EnglishRussia shows quirky stuff about Russia, including other counties shows that Russia isn’t some run down backyard country (the theme is pretty recurrent IMO), every country has its share it and that’s what I come here to see.

  5. so.. out of 281 years only 22 years Estonia was not a part of Russia. it does make it kind of Russia related IMO, doesn’t it? even though it’s different, there’s like 50% Russian ethnicity in there, and even more Russian-speakers.

    • Out of thousand years Estonia has been parts of Germany, Sweden, Russia and Danemark + some local Germany related states.
      Of all the people who live in Estonia, about 26 percent are russians. When counting russian speakers you want to count also estonians who speak it because russification 25 years ago? Of course they are not agianst to speak it anymore.

  6. It’s not like Estonia has ever willingly been a part of Russia. Estonians have sought independence for a reason. Even though the country has been partially Russificated, it doesn’t make it Russian. The culture is still Estonian, and it is becoming more Estonian as we go along. Grouping Estonia into Russia is an outdated concept. In the name of our time, non-Russian countries should be separated from Russia also on this site. The (Estonian) “Frozen Waterfall” entry is sorted under the category “Russian nature”. I wonder what makes Estonian nature Russian.

  7. Can someone please tell me when and where is this picture taken. I would love to practice some ice climbing on that thing. In Estonia there are not so many places with climbable ice. Pease contact me at

  8. I seriously doubt that these pictures are taken in Estonia. If something like that was really here we would already know about it. Anyway we try to find out if somebody has seen such iceberg. The truth is out there… 🙂

  9. Do you really believe everything weird you see?
    If you have a friend with Photoshop skills, ask him/her. This photo is very clearly fake. The “iceberg” has been cut from another photo by some rookie and pasted on new background. Traces of stamp cloning are clearly visible on the top of “iceberg” and on the foreground.
    I would really like to see original photo.

    • It’s not a photoshop job. The 1st one looks like it could be on the left side, but I am convinced it’s not. I couldn’t see any examples of stamp cloning, either. Lots of shapes that are similar but nothing exact, and I can spot photo discrepancies from across a room. The sharpness/contrast of the geyser(?) edges match the overall lighting in the different shots.

      I suppose there is a .001% chance that some PS artist took the time to doctor 3 photos, 2 with human subjects in front.

  10. There is a connection between estonian and russian mentality?

    Dont make me laugh, I have been in both countries several times and Estonia looks like you are in Europe feels like a comfortable place But in russia you feel like your on antother planet and not on the nicest one.

  11. It cant be in Estonia, because if it wer, then I would have broblably heard it from the news. And we havent had a winter so cold a long thime ago and thet I can guarantee Estonians dont wear those footvears anymore these are wery popular in Russia and only woren in real cold winter days and you cant get them here anymore.

  12. Lol iam full Estonian and i dont have mind that on that site I can see pictures from Estonia. Its great to see what people comments under pictures, what they think. A lot Estonians dont understand that its very big difference from EstoniaRussians and Russians who live in Russia. Russians who live in Russia are cool people (Put , In Estonia has a lot normal Russians too who tries to learn Estonian if they live in this country. Cant putRussia government makes a lot propagana for Estonia that all Russians start hate us) all Russians in 1 hole, that we have like 100k Russians in Estonia who cant speaks Estonian so we cant put all in that hole that all other Russians have to be like them. I have a lot Russian friends and they all have learned Estonian and i have been learned Russian so whats a big deal in that. Hopefully we dont get under Russia again and stay free country but we cant hate them, make some peace.
    Mingi vene pooldaja ma pole aga asju peab rahulimalt võtma ja kõik peaksid mahutma elama siia riiki, kes tahavad olla Eesti kodanikud. Nii et PEACE!

    Sry for bad English but i hope ppl understand what i wrote here 🙂

  13. Great writing! Are there any opinions that you would like to divulge to illustrate the first section a small amount more? nice one

  14. More pictures of similar places: . The text in not in English, but the pictures should speak for themselves 🙂

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