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  1. Thank you for posting this very interesting Video. I think of 1938 Stalinist Russia as being at the heighth of the purges and that life was….therefore bleak and terrible in Russia at that time.

    But maybe not so. People hopes were soaring under Stalin, a new Russia was being born…then came WWII which changed everything for everbody forever.

    Which history was true? The way I think of it or the way it was actually felt by Russians in 1938? If you were being purged, you were certainly less than happy….but everybody else?

    Hummmm….Just what is History and Memory?

    Best Wishes, Traveller

  2. That is an amazing video. I wish that I could understand the narrator.

    @Dave – In some respects it is somewhat similar to the propaganda that North Korea puts out.

  3. I think it is funny how all communist national anthems sound the same.

    Comment by Texas1 — January 22, 2007 @ 6:05 pm

    where did you find a national anthem here, you dimwit?

  4. @mrcann

    I was just referring to Dave’s comment. He said it looked like Nazi propaganda. I simply saying that all all propaganda looks alike and their anthems (communist) all sound the same.

    I don’t think it was that dimwitted.

  5. @texas1

    The thing about communist anthems is that they were orchestrated such that the average person could sing them without too much trouble. At least, that’s what I find similar about them.

    The music in the video is not however, a national anthem.

  6. The last building is the most magnificentWhat? Have you forgotten your history? One of the greatest cathedrals was destroyed to build this building that was never started. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_Soviets

  7. The first part of the film starts as “This is what has been done so far” and then when they start doing the overlays, that’s when they start talking about plans for the future. I have no doubt that if there was no WWII, Moscow would look like that… alas..

  8. The cinematographic technique of placing the proposed buildings within the live footage seems quite impressive for 1938. Cool.

  9. @Andy from Beaverton

    Damn! What a waste. Thanks for pointing that out. That’s as bad as the Taliban blowing up those ancient Buddhist statues.

  10. Looks like North Korea,..souless. That or Hitler, and Speer’s wet dreams for Berlin. What Utopians never understand is that regular people don’t like being drawfed by the fantasies of tyrants.

    Disneyland is the exception to this. Walt Disney was a facist, and nuts, but he had a sense of humor. Long live Goofy!

  11. Just look at that. Stalin’s Moscow is very much like Hitler’s Berlin.

    Look at those Stalinist style massive buildings, Hitler wanted to build those things too. His greatest ideal was a big dome in Berlin known as the ”Volkshalle”.

    Stalin’s House of the Soviets ( With Lenin on top ) is just the Stalinist version of the nazi ”Volkshalle”.

    Nazism and Stalinism are very similar in many ways. Yet Nazism was created by Hitler. Stalin’s ideology was based on the degeneration of the USSR. I hate Nazi and Stalinist architecture.


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