8 thoughts on “Russian Provider’s Calendar”

  1. As most pictures are from Russian artists, I suppose we need some clarification. First is the original name of the picture, second is the name in the calendar by Zebra Telecom we see here.

    “D-grade again”/”Regional manager sales report”

    “Boyariness Morozova” (historical character; opposed the state in the reformation of Orthodox Church and got sent to Siveria for that) / “Departing to the presentation of annual report”

    “Morning in the pine forest” (there should be a family of bears, not zebras)/”HR training”

    “Slaves on Volga”/ “Zebra employees installing optica data network in Volga region”

    “Helen” (character of a fairy tale, whose small brother got turned into a goat and was taken away by a witch)/ “The sorrow prize of an office manager”

    The other ones, to my mind are not actually worth explaining =(

    “Catherine the Great” (originally Austrian, plotted against her husband Emperor Peter III and ruled the country throughout the period of immense growth and prosperity og nobility)/”Employee of the month”


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