11 thoughts on “Chip Tuning”

  1. I am just sick when people make art from perfectly working parts. They impress others-all they did was glue random parts together. Unlike them, I actually study radio physics and make working, real stuff from junked radios\tv’s, such as radio transmitters, measuring instruments, etc. I actually calculate all the parameters for the parts, make the design, and carefully solder the prototype together.
    All they do is take out some parts (having no idea what they are for) and glue them together to make cars, etc. They don’t do anything, no brain required to make such a mess of glued parts.

  2. It looks funny to me, i like it 🙂 Btw. i use parts like these to build microelectrical systems. What a great idea to assemble parts without any special reason to a funny car like this 🙂 Cool Stuff! 😉

    • What it takes is imagination, and how do you know they were working parts? Perhaps they were not good for anything. Most of us don’t need dozens of radio transmitters, or “measuring instruments”. And many of us have too many. I’d like to make a few works of art out of the old computer stuff in my back room. Much better than a junk heap. Each person gets amusement in a different way. Hey, Purpol – let me see you stick some parts together and make somethiing as cute. I know that you have plenty of them just sitting around gathering dust. 🙂

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