9 thoughts on “Rainy Day in Riga”

  1. This one has become a popular image over the net! It`s correct that it from Riga, but it is not that you can see this regulary! Here was strong winds who pushed water against it`s natural flow in rivers so lowest places got flooded. Such places was very few but in fact they created some traffic chaos. Generaly this is not something extraordinary because in same old USA are lot larger weather-created disasters. In picture worker found fastest way to drain excess water which normaly could be consumed by run-off chanells.

  2. After a very heavy rain, some parts of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas gets like this too. It’s funny to watch the people in big SUV’s try to drive through the rushing water only to float away into a much deeper puddle.

  3. At less the drainage works! In my country things happens in the opposite way, the flood comes from the drainage and extends by the streets.

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