Self Driving Car

This is a video made by surveylance cam.

Due to cold weather in Russia many use the delayed engine start system which starts the engine of your car some time prior you are going to drive so that to make it warm.

This guy also left his car with this option on, but he forgot to switch his gear to the neutral. So his car started the engine and began riding by itself across the street, and because the steering wheel was locked – it was riding in circles.

The story has ended with an accident.

7 thoughts on “Self Driving Car”

  1. Ha – Almost nailed that pedestrian on the first pass. I would imagine the vehicle has a remote start Tex, and that’s already here (States).

  2. That’s what happens when you install a cheap chinese car alarm with a cheap chinese remote/timed-start feature in a cheap (although Russian) garage-type “installation centre”.

    Normal car alarms/remote-starters have multi-level protection from such accidents. For example, they leave the engine on after you turn the key off and before you ready the alarm with a command from the remote control. That way it’s impossible to leave the car without switching the gear to neutral.


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