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  1. In Vancouver we have the opposite – usually there would be snow for maybe 2-3 days, now we’ve had ice on the road for few weeks…

  2. It’s silly how quickly people attribute things to global warming (referring to the fact that this post is tagged as such). Plenty of places are having normal winters, and where I am we are having a colder-than-usual January. Therefore, based on my first-hand experience, I would say there is a new ice age coming!

  3. weather is not normal in US either. i live in michigan and on Jan 14 it snowed for the FIRST TIME this winter and only ONE INCH, at that. we traditionally have FEET of snow by this time, but not the last three years. strange spring birds calling in my backyard and 40-50 degree temps were the norm throughout november and december.

  4. if there is even a slight chance that global warming is real, we must act to prevent/forestall it– just as if there were a chance that an atomic bomb were to go off in a mjor city we must act to prevent it.

    if you think it is too expensive to work on global warming, to dangerous for the economy, well. . . how bad for the economy will it be if/when all coastal cities are being flooded daily?

    sure, maybe this mild Moscow winter (mild New York winter too) is just a fluke. . . but 95% of the scientists are still saying global warming is real.

  5. In Spain we’ve never had much snow even on winter, but this year temperatures are very high for January. People are bathing in the sea (not only in the tropical Canary Islands, I’m talking about peninsular cities like Valencia) and it isn’t strange to see people in short sleeves.

    In Madrid we’re used to having 0 to 10 degrees Celsius on January. This year we’re reaching 20º.

    If summer is going to be like this, maybe Germany and England could try promoting their sunny, warm beaches. Spain will be hell, I fear 😛

  6. it might be a one-time thing.
    it might be global long-term.

    there is a reason the weather is such a popular topic of discussion.

  7. Global warming? More like global cooling.

    I live in Central California and January usually has like 40(4 Celsius) degree nights. We now have 19(-7 Celsius) degree nights. With ice on the trees and car doors that won’t open. Ice age here we come!

  8. Although, yeah, if the hypothesis about the Gulf Stream slowing down is true, then Europe will experience drastic cooling and it will be something akin to an ice age, probably. Nevertheless it will be the result of global warming.

  9. By this time my town would have snow on the ground… We still have yet to see it…it’s so funny how people deny global warming

  10. Global warming has to do with the raising of the average temperature of the globe, not explicitly what is going on in your town. Yes, the U.S has been unusually cold with detrimental effects. However, most of the rest of the world, such as Europe and Asia have been experiencing much higher than normal temperatures. Global warming, or climate change, has to do with a general deviation from the norm. Notice the overall trends and do not focus on localized phenomena. There are always exceptions to the rule, and that is what the unusual freezing temps that some are experiencing in parts of the world are. To focus on these exceptions is misleading and is not acknowledging the bigger picture.

  11. Wait a minute. Anyone who even thinks that global warming and ozone depletion isn’t real has got to be living in a dream. Come on, even the Chinese recognize it to be a serious threat.

    Let me guess, the same people who don’t believe that global warming is a threat also believed that Saddam Hussein was a threat.

  12. >”We use crude oil to get high alcohol contents. Alcohol >is where an hydroxyl group is found with carbon. It’s >organic, and crude oil is just the result of organic >things dying. They’re essentially within the same >‘family’ I suppose.

    LMAO. You just uncovered the plot of those evil Scots, French and Italians with their luxurious drinks =)))) How could we be so blind?!

    Seriously, the process that is performed on crude oil is actually called cracking and it means dividing oil into lighter (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene) and heavier parts (e.g. mazut) with the help of high temperatures, as lighter components tend to evaporate more easily. But what you get through this is only raw materials for creating organic polymers. Even though getting alchohol, which is C2H5OH, from oil is theoretically possible, it would be far too much complicated and expensive.

    Brandy burns because it has 40% of alcohol in it. Actially, paper also burns well, but would you state that it is made of oil on that account?

    To get alcohol through distillation we may take not only grain, but any organic substance containing starches (grain, wheat, rice, barley,potatoes) or sugars (grapes, apples, plums) and let them ferment with yeast or similar bacteria. As a result starches will ferment into sugar, and then sugar will ferment into alcohol. Thus we end up with mixture of water, alcohol and smelly organic leftovers. We distillate the alcohol form this mix just like gasolene form oil. Alcohol evaporates easily at normal temperature, that’s why if you pour it on your hand it feels cold.

  13. hmm…interesting..has anyone read Michael Crichton’s A State of Fear?? Its on global warming..Its a darn good read…

  14. The effects of Global Warming is getting much stronger these days. We should concentrate more on alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions.

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