Ladybirds attack

According to Russian Television ladybirds attack Russian villages.

They bother and even bite village dwellers, making their life a real mess.

And all this happening right in the middle of snowy Siberian winter, which is not affected by global warming trend that seems to be happening in European part of Russia.

Scientists tell people not to panic but let them study the phenomena, but village people can’t stand this anymore.

14 thoughts on “Ladybirds attack”

  1. These are probably not Ladybugs, but a Japanese beatle. We get them all the time. They come inside and all over the walls and curtains. They bite too. They are more orange than a red.

  2. Dear God:

    If I am ever hopelessly stuck in a Siberian village, please strike me down with a lightning bolt immediately.

    Thank you for hearing the prayer of Your lowly servant.


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