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  1. Can you see the yellow bus there, It was full of passengers
    who helped to park her car between the trees to avoid the parking costs. As soon as the guard arrived they left and that’s why it’s empty.

  2. hm.. maybe if there was a lot more snow, the car could have “melted” into position.

    but I’m no engineer, I have no clue. 🙂

  3. I am not engineer yet, but i think, that she drive too fast on the road, get a slide and run over snowdrift – this kicked the front of the car to the air. She jumped and then smashed in front tree – in turns car little around the tree and because the tail was flying, it passes between those trees. But gravity made tail to land and you can see the result…
    You can consider, there are no wheeltracks and some black iceboulders are between car and road and the tail of the car is very lifted…

  4. Funny you should mention that illlich, becasue it is possible for 6 people to lift a Fiat 500, aswell as the Fiat 126, without any problems. However, I think it would take a fair few more to lift a Lada Samara though.

  5. She likely drifted on ice, with her front end hitting first, which most likely would force the rear end into the air. If she hit the front tree with at a certain angle the rear end would have tried to spin around, and it looks like thats when the second tree caught the rear of the car. I got this from the front bumper damage looks to be head on and the rear bumper is bent up a bit, which looks like it had slid down from above. Can anyone tell I’m a crime scene investigator? lol Sorry for the long post!

  6. Metropolis – thats the same thesis I wanna say in my no.5 article ;o)
    You can also see a lot of broken branches from front tree laying all around that tree and on the hood and roof of the car…

  7. Most likely the trolleybus took part in this road accident. IMHO: Trolleybus overtaking the car was skidded right on the sliding road and pushed it. The car was squeezed between trolleybus and icy border, that is why it jumped forward-right. On the second pic we can see car’s track. The car’s speed was slow enougt otherwise fore glass would be broken.
    Six drunken sailors are unable to do that can do one blond woman. 🙂

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