Soviet Web 2.0 House

Bright design of nowadays popular websites probably was invented by old Soviet designers.

Because at that time there were no computers they used this design in buildings.

For example this strange building comes from Soviet era, but it looks very stylish now.

Those big icons – they could look nice at any of the modern website probably.

They look so bright because they are not painted but made of ceramic mosaics, so instead of looking pale after so many years passed they look stylish even now 30 years after.

Most of those “Icons” are placed on “Windows”. Is it a bright prophecy for a future domination of icons on Windows?

russian architecture

russian architecture

This one shows that this house was somehow connected with Russian army department.

Because this one is located on the lowest level of the building some people wanted to get themselves a piece of the history taking out the small mosaic tiles.

Icons itself sometimes look weird.

russian architecture

This one shows some connection between running people and some animals, that can be probably dogs, due to the shape of the ear and a collar.

russian architecture

Some might say that it was a simplified Freddy Kruger image, but the more probable explanation is that the paratrooper is depicted.

russian architecture

Who’s that? A fat HONDA android? No, probably it is some android riding the motorboat on a high speed.

russian architecture

Nobody would doubt in some military origin of this image. Or he checks the area for some sort of nuclear pollution or he is going to spread that pollution from the backpack he wears.

russian architecture

Some space scooter prototype? The one can use rocket power, as they thought in 70s, to fly up to skies when needed?

russian architecture

This one can be connected somehow with ancient mythology. When ancients wanted to depict somebody really powerful they depicted a man holding something that is big in real life on the palm of his hand. This Russian navy guy also helds a ship on his palm, so it means that Russian navy is that powerfull that enemy navy troops can fit on their palms?

russian architecture

Try figure out yourself what is depicted here. I can’t!

Photos by loo_loo

20 thoughts on “Soviet Web 2.0 House”

  1. Mozaic is a symbol of DOSAAF – “Voluntary society to help Army, Air Force and Navy”. IT was kind of chain of clubs that promoted technical hobbies and activities that were somewhat army training related.

    Icon with the dog depicts “guard and search dog training”. Next is paragliding, then motor boating. Then “radio navigation” sport, the icon shows man in headphones with a hand antenna. This is a sport where one searches for hidden trasmitters in woods. Then motorcycle racing. Last two are about building models: boats and planes respectively (in the last one man launches a model glider).

  2. The final image looks like a beach scene.. Lighthouse on the right, a small changing hut on the left, I suppose the sun and passing bird in the center.

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