Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche

Have you seen the previous post about the Baku racing? They in Baku mostly use Lada’s, the Russian Cars.

Here are the videos where the pimped up Ladas rock.

The first video clip above was Lada vs Porsche.

This is Ferrari vs Lada:

This one is Lada vs Porsche vs Mercedes.

This one is Lada vs Porsche vs Mercedes.

Lada vs Subaru Impreza GT.

That’s another Turbo Lada tuned by Lotus engineers:

So you may consider on buying Lada? I bet you still won’t.

13 thoughts on “Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche”

  1. Lada’s kick ass! I’d love to buy one, but they are getting fairly hard to find in Western Europe now. (Last report about 3 years ago, there was only 13 registered Lada’s in Ireland, I’m sure that number gone down by now).

  2. Errr, approximately all of our cars are like a constructor – you, of course, can do all you want from them. But itis neccesary to have a russian way of having cars to live with our cars. It was a joke 😉

  3. 1)…Its not a car but the driver…if drivers dont know how to switch gears you can beat them driving a pinto… But then again that would be fun to see them in “Fast and Furious IV”

  4. Not sure i like how they made the guy get on the floor to thank the Lotus guys for the work they did on the Lada. Seems humiliating. But then again, they made the $200 car into a $100,000 work of art 🙂

  5. ^At Dani

    I haven’t a Samara here in years. In fact, I think the last time I saw one here was around the last time I saw a Yugo here (late 90’s there about).

  6. I like the sick humor of turning those buckets of bolts into something with a lot of power and bling.

    They should try it with APC`s. Just imagine: “A racers car. BTR-80.”

  7. I own a Lada , an older version of the one shown in the Lotus garage,and I always wanted to get a kit for higher performance. But I think I will buy a nother second handed and tune up!. In my country ( Not Russia nor Europe) there are many Lada.Long live the Lada!

  8. Useful stuff. Better not pitch my thoughts here as I am somewhat opinionated. It really is essential to have ideas though.

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