34 thoughts on “A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds”

  1. Seems to me more like an typical “tourist” mistake. Fast and huge amount and probably to empty stomach. Maybe an exchange student. 🙂

    I think its more “Russian thing” to be able to drink a lot without consequences represented in that video.

  2. that’s disgusting, if it’s actually real. how can someone be so undignified to himself like that. there’s no honour in drinking alcohol in such amounts as to disgrace and probably impair oneself.

  3. No friends, this is not Poland. This is some Russian university. And that dude was humiliated by his “mates”. He tried to show them that he is cool. And they just made fun of him and uploaded this video in the internet. As I see the situation.

    Respect from Moscow.

  4. There should be a preview button on this thing 😉

    I hope this guy has changed friends by now, or we’ll read more about him at the Darwin Awards.

    A few notes, taken from here.
    Ethylalcohol’s oral lethal dose (50%) in rats: 7g/kg bodyweight. This means 50% of rats die when they are given this amount of ethylalcohol (pure alcohol) at once. Of course, you can’t ‘really’ compare humans with rats, but let’s do anyhow:
    1. say you are 70 kg, thus 7g*70 = 490 grams of pure alcohol.
    2. multiply by it’s specific gravity: 490*0.789 = 386ml.
    3. say a bottle of vodka contains 40% alcohol: 386/.40 = 966 ml.
    So drinking about one liter of vodka at once would be lethal in 50% of the cases, for a rat of 70 kg.
    The biggest flaw is always that ‘no-one drinks this much at once’. This guy did, that’s what makes it so absolutely dangerous.

  5. well. . . that’s NOT “one sip”– he took breaths, several gulps. . . but it’s pointless anyway.

    Yes– foolish to do it, but such is youth. I remember after graduating High School, me and a friend finished off a litre of whiskey before heading into some girls “alcohol free” graduation party. . . 30 minutes(?) later I puked on her shoes (and I didn’t even really know her very well– HA!)

    and I still think it’s kinda funny that he vomited in class!

  6. At least he won the pari! They made the pari that he will drink the whole bottle at once! I heard that he was excluded from the university, bu he won the pari!

  7. I can tell that any of you doesn’t have any kind of clue about Finnish drinking habits and alcohol tolerance. 😀

    Sure it went down fast but puking? Bah. Let’s double that, add few beers and triple the time span to get close to average university student in here.

  8. Agreed. The suomi are hardcore drinkers. I heard there is “alcoholic route” between Helsinki and St.Petersburg, people board the ferry and then get drunk with duty-free booze while sailing, and then again when ferry is going back, sometimes even without visiting the city. 😀

  9. I would like to invite all Finnish people to Petersburg to look at the architecture and to get cheap vodka of course! Thanks to Finnish people alcohol industry in Petersburg is booming!

  10. yea but no but yea but the ‘alcohol line’ ferries, also known as loveboats go from finland either to stockholm or tallinn, not to st petersburg, likely because of always complicated border formalities and visa requirements of Russia… Finland and sweden haven’t had any concrete border controls for decades and now Estonia came a part of schengen zone. you could board a ferry without your pants, let alone a passport!

  11. In Russia consumption of strong alcoholic drinks – in blood. While in the street from 6 till 9 months the winter, other exit does not remain. At times there were cases when people got to hospital, the alcohol dose in which blood appeared above than deadly several times. Thus they survived). To drink 0.5 vodkas a fortress of 40 % – for Russian not a problem.


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