Violence in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is being called on of the centers of the crime in Russia. Despite the beautiful architecture of St. Petersburg it can be a very dangerous place.

Warning! This video contains real time violence made on hidden camera, if you can’t stand violence don’t look.

This is the story about the guy who came in together with the lady into the lobby of the multi-stored house, smashed her down to rob her, but it was not enough for him that she is already unconscious, he continued beating kicking her from time to time.

So beware, if you ever go travel Russia – don’t stay on the lonely streets late at night or enter the elevators with unknown people.

The good news is that the robber was caught, thanks to this cam tape. But it’s a rare thing still nowadays a security cam in lobbies of the houses etc. So be careful!

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  1. Really cute, thanks for sharing.

    (The fact that he eventually drags the body into the elevator and sends it to an upper floor strikes me as somewhat funny. I’m so going to hell…)

  2. Something similar happened in the bad part of Dallas, Texas about 2 months ago. However, I don’t think the criminal put the body into the elevator and sent it up a few floors.

  3. I wonder where maxD got this info about salary during recovery. As far as I know, the Code of Laws on Labour (КЗОТ), wich deals with such things is a real menace for employers, because workers tend to exploit it many different ways, and courts usually make decisions in favor of workers when it comes to conflict. Of course she will not get her bonus, but I dont she will loose her job.

  4. This girl (15 year old at that moment) is alive.

    The criminal has been arrested. In total he had beaten 16 women, two of them have died. He is heroin addict.

  5. thx god that they all ready have him. i have no idea how long he will be in jail. but i hope 4 a long time. saw once a documentary about jail in russia. oh man. its a hell.

  6. I cannot blame a heroin addict for what he does, any more than i can blame a wild animal for attacking, becuase you become an animal when the heroin calls you, you steal from you own mother if you have to. Certainly he should pay for what he did, I don’t deny that, but society needs to find a better way of dealing with drug addiction other than just prison and punishment (the beating he inflicted is another matter).

  7. illlich, may be you can suggest any? We should combat the roots of the problem. Such as Colombia, Afghanistan (where the amounts of opium growing are even higher under US)

  8. @Acts_of_Atrocity : as far as i know most people are paid as follows : a basic salary [very low, like 200 dollars i.e.] and on top of that a bonus which is making the whole a ‘decent’ income of approx 1000 dollars or higher[if you are lucky]. [Teachers, policemen, armypersonnel make only 150-350 dollars p/month on average] Thats the basic scheme. The trick is that salary will continue during sickleave, but only the ‘basic’ part, not the bonus. And after a while this basic part will also get lower.

    To stay healthy is recommended !! Most of the time you are not paid [or very little, like ‘basic’ only] during vacations, too. And yes, you are not allowed to fire people because they are sick, but it does happen all the time unfortunately. And Russians are in general not used to going to court to fight unjustice done to them. They are too busy trying to survive the everyday live, and not used to this freedom yet [I guess].

    As for the rent, most people own their house [privatised housing mainly]; in case you have to rent in general you’ll pay dearly, depending on location and size starting from probably 500 dollars if you get lucky [furnished russian style]up to several thousands p/month. Reason why many people share rental apartments. The problem for many people [most] in Russia is that they have a small salary but the prices of food etc. are at the same level [or even higher] than in W-Europe. Luckily public transport is cheap.

  9. Rent would seem to be quite expensive for the average Russian. Is the $500/month about average for big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg? Like any big city, I’m sure rent in Moscow can easily exceed $2,000-$5,000/month for some places.

    In contrast, we can either build or buy a 2-3 bedroom with a pool and located in a nice area for mortgage payments of about $1,200/month.

    In comparison, I live in Dallas, Texas. Dallas has about 5-million people. Rent for a new apartment (less than 10 years old) in a gated community (unique wireless remote control required to enter community) with brand new appliances, a large pool & hot tub, exercise facility with modern equipment will cost about $600/month. It might go as high as $700/month if you want an attached garage. However, tenents are still responsible for electricity, cable television, and internet.

    By the way, I’m guess you have to court systems. One for civil matters and one for criminal matters. For civil cases, do people usually represent themselves or do they usually hire an lawyer? I would think that it would be very difficult for the average person to afford a lawyer. It might even be extremely difficult to find a lawyer that would be willing to take the case discussed above. Even if a lawyer did take the case, I’m sure that unexperienced Russian is often taken advantage of by lawyers.

  10. Anonymous Russian is a liar. Our prisons are not so terrible. This criminal have been in prison yet and is happy and healthy as everybody can see.

  11. Well, I’ve just come back from SPB, and it was an interesting experience 🙂 I was pick-pocketted on the metro, and in my smug arrogance, thought I had protected myself, but I was shocked to discover the robber has actually succeeded, despite the keen observation of my very wise and observant friend. Surprisingly, the police were very helpful, and the next day we went to the far north of the city to give a report. The station actually looked abandoned, like it should have been torn down from disrepair, and the investigator was really friendly and co-operative, much to my friend’s surprise. It won’t help to recover what I have lost, but I am very thankful to still have my life, if not my money… things like this and worse can happen in any big city, but it just shows the necessity of being extra cautious here.

    My thoughts and well wishes go out to the victim and her family!

  12. Disturbing.

    Stealing is one thing, stomping a girl that’s already down is another.

    In Vegas the Mob would make an example of this guy. There was a child rapist they used a blowtorch on but didn’t kill.

  13. i lived in st. petersburg for two years and was also attacked in my building. the lights in the hallway had been off for quite a while and everyday i had to feel my way though the darkness from the front door to the elevator. it was a horrible situation and of course it was even more scary because i dont speak russian very well, but i survived. sometimes i hear other americans speaking badly of russians, but i dont blame russian people at all. these kinds of things happen anywhere in the world – but i do wish they had more care for living environments. people should feel safe when they go home…

  14. my grnadmother lives in Dnepropetrovsk Ukriane….she was robbed largly once.

    She was standing in a bus with a bag (that can be very very crowded) two guys made a hole in the bag and took all the expensive things that she bought.

    Criminals in Ukirane/Russia van be very rpofessional in their work…they do it every day for a very long time.

  15. Another story is in Holland.
    I live in holland for 10 years….my mother knew a couple of russians that now are sent back to russia by the Dutch authorities.

    They robbed expensive clothing shops as followed:
    the women go inside the building with a baby buggy and puts all the clothes in the buggy.Then she walks out of the shop with her husband at the same time trough the detectors.

    So the detectors start beeping…what do you think is nexT??
    The man runs as fast as he can and the security followes him.So the women can walk away with all the clothes.When the man is caught he says i was in a hurry.And thats the story.

    They were discovered when the man fell out the windon when the maffia came in his house looking for him.

  16. Illich –> yes. Heroin addicts are animals. And animals who attack people get put to sleep. A practice, sadly, not used for heroin addicts.

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