Photos from Trip to Russia

Our reader Antti from Finland has submitted some nice photos from St. Petersburg, Russia, which he made during his last trip to this Russian city.

Many people in comments can’t understand why some Russian young guys are so agressive against the American readers. Here is a probably one of the reasons – the collection of the ads you can see while you walk around the city:

st. petersburg

st. petersburg

st. petersburg

st. petersburg

So the feel of an army style can be felt very well.

And this pic below is the preview of the menu from the train they took from Helsinki to St. Petersburg:

st. petersburg

Do you want some paper for dinner?

46 thoughts on “Photos from Trip to Russia”

  1. This video is the commercial of russian army, which is now gradually conversing to contract basis. How does it deal with america? Yes, for sure, some of russian people hate united states as well as some of the american youngsters hate russia. That’s the result of the long-lasting propaganda. The conclusion you’ve made was your personal one, not the author’s of these pictures and is fully subjective.

  2. Hate the current US government but don’t generalize about it’s people. Half (or more than half depending on which poll you read) are COMPLETELY against the current foreign policies.

  3. WTF?
    You crazy people. What is wrong with you? There`s like 4 strange photos and you blast off to flame the place with pro et contra about US.

  4. i still dont see any connection of those street ads with “russians hating america”. the original post just doesnt make sense.

    mr belarusguy, why do we talk here how a street ad influences minds of young russians and you started talking about russian goverment? :)))

    ps i still stand that this website is not about making sense, recent posts just prove it :))))

  5. Russia needs to realize that there aren’t many countries that like them. The majority of Europe thinks of Russia as trash.
    You only have a small amount of oil left and your other natural resources are nearly depleted. The only things that you are good at is organized crime and getting drunk. So Sad. 🙁

  6. oh nice mr texas, USA needs to realize that there aren’t many countries that like them. The majority of Europe thinks of USA as trash.
    You only have a small amount of oil left and your other natural resources are nearly depleted. The only things that you are good at is law and getting fat. So Sad.

  7. You guys are joking right, America is the best country in the world because the cream of the European crop left Europe and settled in the New World. It’s called survival of the fittest, I would love to see Europe but it looks like my ancestors just left behind all of you undesirables that Ellis Island turned around. It doesn’t really matter though because the Arabs will overpopulate all of the whites in Europe soon, hello Eurabia.

  8. Texas1… please let us see some stats about this ‘The majority of Europe thinks of Russia as trash’ -stuff.

    I take it you are living in US. I live in Finland. How well do you think you can estimate the political climate in Europe if you live in another continent?

    I would really hesitate making any statements about people and their opinions in you country.

    I have never been to Russia, but I am sure they are not better and not worse than you guys.

    Some good friends I made as I got in touch with some Russians few years ago. In addition, one of my best friends is from US.

    My father fought against USSR at WWII. I still think it was sad and misfortunate, but I do not blame Russian citizens for that.

    I suspect most of the hard-headed arguers here are around their 20tees thus having none or inadequate information to jugde objectively.

    It is so far easier to throw punches in the air. No need to use brain too, what a blast!

  9. Ari, we should hope that you are wrong about ages of commenters. This mindless, hatefull name calling is more appropriate for teenagers than 20+ years.

  10. Oh yes, maybe we will make an attack???
    giving photos form real russian live???

    И кстати, никому не стоит смотреть на мой сайт, а то все сразу увидят, как пропаганда на улицах влияет на уровень агрессии среди российской молодежи.
    Ох уж эта прелесть длинных предложений :D.

  11. Yes to everything Dimon said. The Americans that make up the “ignorant majority” or whatever else you want to call it, depending on your view of what percentage it makes up, don’t think of much outside of their own borders except now when it comes to Iraq.

    Legitimate criticism of America often turns into reflexive America-bashing as an outlet for letting out anger over problems at home, i.e. the Islamization of Europe, the Chekisty running Russia’s government again, etc. It’s easier to yell about Bush and the misguided people who elected and enabled him than to confront Jean-Marie Le Pen, Haider, and other such “champions of Europe.”

    As for what Europeans think of Russia…having just spent several months in Central and Eastern Europe, I can tell you that the opinion is generally not very high. People have a long historical memory and hatred of the USSR has carried over into antipathy toward Russia. Now add to that all the Novye Russkie flaunting their money around and expecting everyone to speak Russian and…well, you get the idea. It’s not as true of the younger generations, the ones who were born or grew up after 1989, but it’s still there. Personally, I tried to never let on that I was Russian.

  12. Regarding what Dima said.

    I understand that you don’t want people to know you’re Russian bcz Russians have a bad reputation in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. Some of my friends are like that, they’d rather be American. It saddens me.

    You know Dima – there are a lot of intelligent and educated people who just happen to be Russian and the fact that the world doesn’t know about them is because people like you who have the honor of representing the good side of Russia – simply chicken out and pretend to be yanks.

    You’re sad.

  13. I agree with Dimon.

    TTLSD, I am not anti-Russian. I’ve said this in the past on several occasions. I was just messing with a few people on here that were bashing the US. I actually have a few Russian friends from college. Of course, their parents were in the Russian mafia. Honestly, the Russians that I have met have all been mellow and pleasant.

    Ok, you asked me to say something positive. First, I would like to say that you have lots of interesting history. I’ve always wanted to visit St. Petersburg. Prices are finally cheap, so I’ll probably visit one day soon.

    As far as technology goes, up until the 1980’s you were ahead of us in space. Also, I’ve heard that Aeroflot is a good plane but I don’t think that I have ever been on one.

    As far as manufacturing, I really can’t say much. For many years, America did not import products from Russia. Even today, the only Russian products that Americans see are vodka and those wood carvings of people that are egg shaped and hollow on the inside. Do you know what I am talking about?

    As far as automobiles, the first time I saw a Russian built automobile was when I visited Mexico a few years back. However, when I returned to Mexico 12 months later, I didn’t see any Russian automobiles.

    There is one thing that makes out two cultures different. Russians never like to smile.

    Ok, so now I want to hear what the news in Russia says about the US. As I recall, Putin has started to take power from the media and there is increasing censorship. Is this true?

  14. “There is one thing that makes out two cultures different. Russians never like to smile. ”

    bullseye! the reason for that is the great deal of stress and uncertainty in their lifes… i wish that would change some day 🙁

  15. TTLSD- I am from US and I can think of many wonderful things about Russia. I have visited your country twice. #1-it is a very beautiful country with amazing architecture. The buildings took my breath away, and so did quite a few of the people. The women are beautiful, and I saw some of the most handsome men ever(very sexy). I had been told that Russian’s were rude, not so. Everyone I met was very kind, helpful, and friendly. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Russia, and I hope to visit again soon.

  16. “There is one thing that makes out two cultures different. Russians never like to smile.”
    May be i’m not ordianry person from Russia, but i like to smile :D, may be it is not rare occasion))) But i hope, that it’s not. All of my friends are often smiling, and not without help of our big value of humor. We often are laughing amout ourselves, and that is a real truth.

    Today, and it is very sad, our industry and car manufactoring is suffering from our goverment’s policy. I know that because my specialization is near to auto’s constructuring.

    I think that these words about increasing censorship are fake. I have oppotunity to know all i want (of course not about secret technology of weapons and where exist hidden force bases ;))) but i think it is in US not available for public too). May be, one reason, those words about censorship have appeared due to, is that goverment’s programms about demography, fighting with alocgolism and so on are widely advertised in news etc.
    And some channels with it news… they are making show form finding advantages in our goverment’s policy. That is very bad, but in fact more and more russians don’t believe in it, because young professionals with high education may see it easy, it isn’t so hard like for old persons, who all their young years were living with a command system.

    to tonya – It was said by my english language teacher, that many US’s citizen like to have a visit in Russia again and again :D.

  17. @Texas1

    At least Russia is one of the few countries in the world that still makes vacuum tubes!
    They still made 10″ b\w 13-tube TV’s with all-manual tuning in 1989! With a 3×5 foot instruction “manual”, featuring a schematic, graphs, tables, etc. Weird thing is Russian technology can work on 4 different voltages!

  18. @TTLSD – Your english seems pretty good. You should come to the US. We need good engineers at Ford and GM. They can’t seem to grasp the concept that people want vehicles that are attractive and reliable.

    @Anonymous Russian – Vacuum tubes? I haven’t heard of those in a loooooong time. It’s interesting that Russia still manufactures televisions. I think that our televisions are all manufactured in China. Maybe a few still come from Japan and Korea.

  19. Texas1 – thank you, but i’m learning English only two years, and i don’t want to come to US, here are too much work to do, and i’m in charge of part of Russia’s future.
    And i’m not engineer, i’m engineer-manager in the field of high technologies with specialization – logistics ;), and my education is paid by the goverment.

    A lot of new technologies were discovered in USSR, and are being discovered now, our sience is still on the top, but production is nearly dead.

  20. @Texas1
    No, I doubt they still make TV’s in Russia, but they actually do still make vacuum tubes (such as Sovtek, Svetlana, etc.) Quality was usually very low in USSR, especially with TV’s, recorders, etc. However some items, especially military was built to last-I have heard of electrical parts exceeding their already-high specs by several times.
    Consumer electronics, however had very low quality. I know a relative who worked at a transistor factory, and only 1 or 2 parts out of a box of ~1,000 actually worked. Even with the low quality standards, the rest had to be thrown out. In the late 80’s, TV factories had reject rates of 70%; only 3 out of 10 TV’s actually worked. To even worsen the situation, the power was very unreliable, and it was necessary to buy a 20-pound power stabilizer to just watch TV (the noise was\is unbearable). As a result, some electronics such as tape recorders broke down every week. Hence the need for 3×5 foot schematics with instructions on how to fix it. Even calculators\computers came with such manuals! The quality of TV’s were so low that on my last visit to Russia, I could not receive any station using a 6-foot antenna-I had to use one on the roof. And this was in the city! Clearly the best quality was for military\foreign product export.
    Quality was at such a low that the USSR had to import toys from Japan, to reverse-engineer and salvage parts out (due to trade sanctions, they could not import parts). It was interesing how the USSR exchanged tanks, weapons, aircraft, scientific instruments, etc. for clothing, food, etc. Their military technology is slightly lower quality, but extremely reliable, low-maintance, and cheap.

    Despite improvements by using foreign parts, cars were\are low quality. However, they are easy to fix and can withstand Russian roads (featured numerously on this website), and endure cold temperatures. Some cars even had manual hand starting cranks and fuel pumps to allow the car to be started without electicity, in the cold. All cars feature a ~30 piece toolkit for repairs. Also in case of an nuclear\EMP bomb, cars\tube electronics would still work due to their ancient design. If a EMP bomb were to be detonated in the US, all electronics made after 1970 would be junk-specifically the microchips and transistors.

    In conclusion, the quality of products were variable, and largly dependent. Products made in Kazahstan\Turkmenistan\Siberia were the worst, while East Germany\Latvia the best. The design is old-fashioned but has improved the reliability (a regular snap switch lasts longer than a microchip-interfaced touch sensor). Some products like instruments and radios were actually better than outside of the USSR! I am in the USA and still use a USSR-era radio, much more sensitive than any other. Too bad they have stopped manufacturing numerous parts-production ceased in 1994.

  21. Uhhh

    You know Dima – there are a lot of intelligent and educated people who just happen to be Russian and the fact that the world doesn’t know about them is because people like you who have the honor of representing the good side of Russia – simply chicken out and pretend to be yanks.

    You’re sad.

    Comment by bingcherries — January 9, 2007 @ 6:41 pm

    Well, for one thing I AM a yank. I’m a US citizen.

    Beyond that, though, it’s not like I go out of my way to hide the fact that I’m a Russian. I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to, given my name. But just as Americans are warned not to advertise the fact that they’re Americans while abroad, for obvious reasons, the same applies for Russians. And if trying to speak Czech while in the Czech Republic, instead of assuming that everyone will be perfectly happy to try to speak Russian, makes me “sad,” then so be it.

  22. @ Anonymous Russian – Thanks for the information. It is very interesting. So aside from oil and vodka, what is Russia exporting these days? It seems that you must have maintained relations with Mexico during the cold war. As far as logistics goes, are you mainly involved with importing or exporting?

  23. Im not sure why everyone hates america, in the short 200 years we have been around we have brought freedom to more ppl than all other countries combined throughout recorded history. Yes we consume alot of the worlds commodities but without us purchasing them, whole nations who go broke and the occupants would starve to death. We have done more for global aids than all other countries combined. Our ecomomy and nation has either fueled or brought about technology that has saved millions of lives and brought relief to millions more. Thru out history there has always been a yeng to yang, good to bad. Why is the US held to a differnet standard, can we not have our faults or are we expected to be perfect and if that is the case, why do so many European nations get a pass, why does the aggression of other countries not rate the same hatred. I find in my own life that when I become jealous or envious of a person I dislike then I usally dont give that person the same fair treatment I would give other people I just dislike. Maybe if we would step back and anyalize ourselfs and take care of the problems areas in our own nations, things might change. Hating a nation or a goverment as a whole when many many ppl belonging to that nation and goverment is striving to help and be a positive influence in the world is just not right..THE UNITED STATES IS NOT PERFECT..and becasue we do good doesnt give us an excuse for the mistakes and the wrongs we make but the good we do for the whole world greatly outweights the faults we have and the wrongs that we have done. It doesnt excuse them but it should be a basis for giving us a benifit of the doubt. thanks

  24. in the short 200 years we have been around we have brought freedom to more ppl than all other countries combined throughout recorded history

    excuse me for being so flat to you but what it is that you smoke? whatever it is you should immediately give it up and seek some professional help. quickly! it may not be too late …

  25. Those pics don’t look much different than any American recruitment advertisement I’ve seen! It’s never about fighting, just driving the big tanks and flying the cool helicopters!

  26. You want to know why people hate americans?
    Two reasons really:
    1) you’re awfully over-proud.
    2) you don’t always play nice (especially when it comes to int. trade)

    1. I admire your belief in your nation, however you really aren’t the best:
    There are nations that are richer (eg. Luxemburg), more democratized (Switzerland), with better Police forces (UK) or better military (Israel). The list could just go and go.
    And you look especially bleak when one confront your beliefs and history with your current actions (immigration and visa issue – totally ridiculous).
    2. Trade – you love to play dirty here. I’m not talking about sanctioning NK or other non-issues, but about normal proceedings with other countries. Eg. it’s all freedom and cookies until someone don’t try to enter your steel market. Sure, every country does that, but they don’t pretend to be such a free trade junkie.

    For a country with mere 200 years of history, you should know your bloody place ;-P

  27. The cold war ended only ten years ago: there is still much tension regarding both the people and the government of the United States. It is not the current foreign policy of the US that is the cause of the problem (though it doesn’t help), it’s the longstanding bitterness remaining from the cold war. American culture is a slap in the face to many Russian people, books taught at American schools for example (Animal Farm, 1981, and other propoganda) are insulting. The cold war may be over, but the remnants of the hatred will remain for many generation to come.

    As for this site: be aware that it seems that the author was raised on the same American propoganda (or he is American), which seeps through the postings of this site. If you want a neutral view, this is not the place to get it.

    • George Orwell’s 1945 satire on the perils of Stalinism has proved magnificently long-lived as a parable about totalitarianism anywhere – and has given the world at least one immortal phrase: Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

  28. So, I think I’m a little late in joining this commentary. Just wanted to add my two cents. As an American, Texan no less (Austin though, give me some credit), I am always amazed at the attitude many people seem to have toward other countries.

    As much of the older folk in my family still live in Europe, I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit , including a summer in St. Petersburg. As a result of that amazing trip I am now getting my degree in Russian. As a whole the people were very warm and friendly and I greatly enjoyed the time with them. The cities were amazing, and the country is not like anything you could hope to find here any more. Whatever type of history interests you, Russia has more than enough. And culturally: Tarkovsky, Shastakovich, Bulgakov, Pelevin, Sorokin… barely scratches the surface (as well as two of the biggest books of all time everyone likes to pretend they’ve read: Crime & Punishment and War & Peace).

    Sorry if that sounded like a sales pitch, I’m just tired of having to explain that we don’t all, in fact, have a complete lack of appreciation/respect for other cultures. Now if I can only get your language down a little better so I don’t say “potato” when I mean “credit card” and make a huge ass of myself (again) when I’m in Moscow this summer.

  29. I have recently become fascinated by Russian history. We don’t get the whole story here in America unless you take specific courses in college. I just learned the basic WWII and Cold War stuff and never really considered looking into anything else. I’ve been reading Russian related articles on Wikipedia from several weeks now and am loving it. The history is so different from our own country. This site serves as a quick diversion during the day.

    I would say most Americans are just average folks that struggle through jobs to raise their families and enjoy life. The media is NOT a reflection of what life is really like or how everyone feels. My wife and I can hardly stand to watch the morning news…but where else are we going to get the weather forecast. 🙂

  30. corrupt,this is a good one,the Republican US government is the most corrupt in the world (TexanMafia) and is corrupting all the planet. Lobbeying and speculation on oil, drug, armament sales traficking, and now on foodstuff to start hunger wars, depriving populations of food because the president of the country is not “friendly” to the US not collaborating in giving to the US the resources of his country, typical from an ignorant who does not know the difference between UnitedNations and UnitedStates

  31. It’s pathetic to witness sweeping generalizations from people who claim that their country is great and Americans are evil.
    Put very simply, if your country and your people are so wonderful, then show it by exhibiting enough intelligence to realize that great people exist in every country, in every culture, even in America.
    If you cannot do that, then you what you represent is pure, naked hypocrisy.
    We can learn a lot by getting to know Russia and its people, but if the prevailing attitude is one of such hatred, then no thanks, because like any other country we already have enough ignorance here at home, thank you. We don’t need to import any from abroad.
    How do you wish to represent yourselves?
    It all boils down to what you say when you first meet people from another land.
    I’ve been to Moscow and Saint Petersburg twice, once in 1989 and once in 1990. The difference was palpable but through it all I was impressed by the ability of the Russians to adapt to new circumstances and new frontiers.
    Let’s hope that Russia hasn’t lost its ability to expand and grow and let’s let ignorance stay where it belongs, under wraps and away from the sunlight of the worldwide web.

  32. “Our reader Antti from Finland has submitted some nice photos from St. Petersburg, Russia”

    3 photos with adds and 1 photo with mistake in the menu. Is it all photos from trip to Russia? I’m very sorry for author if he wasn’t be able to see more…

  33. American here studying russian and good friends with 2 former russians. I have been having in depth conversations with them for the last several years trying to get them to say something, anything good about living in Russia and have had zero success. (none). They don’t even want to go back and visit, ever!! They are very educated good people. That says a lot about Russia. The government is totally corrupt and suppresses it’s people. You can’t blame the people for hating Americans, they are fed lies about Americans, they are underpaid, years behind in technology, the gov’t controlls media outlets.

    Now the USA had it excesses, a huge government, but the people are good with good hearts.

    One question to ponder. If people hate Americans so much…..why are some many people from around the world trying to get here and live here?? Why are they sneaking across the borders from the north and south? Why are they on waiting lists for up to 10 years to get Visas to get here?? American is being overrun with foreigners!!!
    Why?? Because we are free to control our lives and the direction of our lives, we can live where we want, work where we want, go to school where we want, make as much money as we want. Say what wantever we want without fear!! The only limits we have on what we achieve in life is the limits we set for ourselves.


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