City Toilet

These are photos of the toilet in one of the Russian cities.

russian toilet

Here is the sign “The corrector of the stream”.

russian toilet

And here “Clean up your dump!” . It’s a male part of the restroom.
russian toilet

And this one is for ladies. Note the gymnastic apparatus hanging from the ceilings. Their purpose is to help women using this model of the toilet. And above the gas mask there is a sign “Got a relief? Freshen up now!”

14 thoughts on “City Toilet”

  1. Before we hear any stories of the quality of the toilets in these pictures let me just tell you all that squatting toilets are, in fact, a hell of alot more hygienic than ones you sit on.

    You have to admit, these toilets have style. Any suggestion as to where they may be from? As I doubt there are many toilets like this, or am I wrong?

    I haven’t seen this site in weeks, ah well, back again.

  2. this toilet is from the bar “red bull” which is situated in the city of “ozhgorod” and I have to admit that its style is quite unusual

  3. Giving a funny theme to the restroom is popular in Russia. One of the coolest ones i saw was in “Cherdak” bar/cafe in St. Petersburg

  4. They might be some of the dirtiest toilets, but at least you don’t put your arse on them. Less wiping too!

    Of course, you have to use them right, which most people don’t… prats.

  5. It is just a funny interior of one of the restrooms in some joint. However, I agree that public restrooms are the indicator of country’s economy, together with roads, and they totally suck, besides the ones in some cool restaurant, or my place 🙂

  6. When I saw the way the gas mask was sitting in the third picture, I was thinking “Is that Pyro being a peeping Tom?”. Looks like he’s staring right at the camera.

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