13 thoughts on “Russian Opera by Petr Mamonov”

  1. Mamonov is very talented actor with intreresting biography. In the 1990s, Mamonov converted to Christianity, left the capital, and settled in a village.

  2. He is a weird guy. But the last film where he acted “OSTROV” (island in english) is a great briliant film. The best of i watched past several years.

  3. Are you talking about The Island? The movie about cloning? It sounds like he had one too many screwdrivers (vodka + orange juice) before going on stage. It’s a good thing they didn’t use him for the movie’s soundtrack.

  4. This guy needs some singing lessons. Hopefully, the European Union can lend a hand and help out with some singing lessons.

    By the way, during the 80’s there was a really goofy band called Gorky Park that has a video on MTV for a song called Bang. Does anyone remember how they danced? Now that was HILARIOUS!!!!

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