Murmansk Military Objects

Imagine we are foreign intelligence service agents and we are spying on Russian military bases. Just a few years ago it was impossible, and it was even more impossible (if that’s a thing) during the iron curtain era. But now thanks to google we can see all the top secret Russian objects clearly in these shots.

Russia still stays very militarized country.

If we were to explore just a small part of it with Google Earth, in the Murmansk region (one of many of Russian regions) which is located next to Norway and Finland, we can see dozens of military objects, mainly Russian Navy ones.

Here they are:

murmansk, russia

All the locations of these shots have been reported to be the Murmansk region.

This one is Olenegorsk, a Russian air force base. Those are not just fighters, those are strategic bombers.

murmansk, russia

Murmansk itself, abandoned navy ships.

murmansk, russia

Murmansk. A nuclear-powered ice-breaker in the dock.

murmansk, russia

Kola Bay, near Murmansk, the small town of “Poliarniy”, and the oil-tanker “Belokamenka”. One of the largest oil tankers in the world. It is 100 feet tall (as tall as a ten storey building).

murmansk, russia

It is more than 1000 ft long (340 metres), with a width of 200 ft (65 metres), and it transports 4 millions tons of oil each year.

murmansk, russia

Severomorsk. Ships of the Russian Northern Navy. The sixth from the left is the biggest ship in the Russian Northern Navy – the nuclear-powered cruiser “Kirov”.

murmansk, russia

Kola Bay. Abandoned ships.

murmansk, russia

Russian submarines.

murmansk, russia

Different types of Russian submarines.

murmansk, russia

Russian S-300 (SA-10) long range surface-to-air missiles. The same ones as Russia now exports to Iran. We had an article a few months ago about an inflatable version of those missiles – the ones that can fool overhead observers.
murmansk, russia

Another abandoned ship near Murmansk.

murmansk, russia

More Russian submarines. It is the home base of the legendary “Kursk” submarine, the one which sank a few years ago near Murmansk and the whole crew died because the rescue team did not come in time. Take a note on the submarine to the right – it is split into two parts, probably this is a bug in google photos.

murmansk, russia

And even more abandoned Russian Navy ships.

murmansk, russia

Some unidentified Navy object a few miles from the shore.

murmansk, russia

All the submarines we have seen before were children’s toys in comparison with these. Those are sisters of the already mentioned “Kursk” submarine. 500 ft long, 60 ft high. They say they can raze major USA cities to the ground.

murmansk, russia

Those are the previously top-secret “Taifun” class submarines. The biggest nuclear-powered submarines in the world. They could carry up to 200 missiles.

murmansk, russia

Here are them from a more distant perspective. “Taifuns” on the left and “949A” (“Kursk sisters”) on the left.

murmansk, russia

This is the storage area for used nuclear fuel.

murmansk, russia

One of these hills is hollow inside. All of the rock has been taken out and there is an underground submarine base inside.

murmansk, russia

Gremiha. Empty nuclear missiles silos.

murmansk, russia

Gremiha. The submarine fueling station.

murmansk, russia

An abandoned military base on the island Vitte.

murmansk, russia

Gremiha. Under this cape there is another underground submarine base and from these road two tunnels lead inside.

murmansk, russia

Kovdor. A hidden mountain.

murmansk, russia

Kandalaksha. A military base with launching sites.

murmansk, russia

Allakurti. Another military base.

murmansk, russia

Allakurti, the same military base.

All those shots are from an area not bigger than Vermont state, but very densely populated with military objects. Guess how many more there are across the vast Russian Federation.

Thanks for the descriptive explanations to Makseem Kananenka.

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  1. Would communism have worked if ussr stopped spending money on conventional weapons and only maintained a large enough nuclear force to act as a deterrent?

  2. Interesting, but nothing new really. The objects above are not “secretive”. If they were, we would not be seeing them with Google maps or anything else for that matter ;).

    It’s too bad there are so many abandoned ships – that’s a lot of metal which could be used for other things…

  3. Wow. Gotta love abandoned stuff. I don’t understand how things like that can just be left abandoned. Things so big. How do you just leave a ship there. So much metal. So much work into it. It’s amazing. Great work.

  4. I was wondering about the metal too. All of the building growth in China has REALLY driven up the cost of metal. As a result, the metal salvage business has taken off in nearly every country. I would think that one of your politicians would see some opportunity here.

    By the way, that water looks pretty contaminated. I bet there are lots of 3-eyed fish in it.

  5. The boats lean over once there is not enough water to keep it upright. Like someone else said, metal is supposed to be an expensive commodity, but it may just be too expensive to cut-up the ship and melt it down. Not for too long, though!

  6. Nice article.
    Taking into account that Russia is getting totally autocratic and fascist-minded, EU must think twice before shaking hands with such neighbor. whole world should

  7. “Allakurti” is spelled Alakurtti, Kovdor, Alakurtti and Kandalaksha are very close to Finland, it’s just under 200 km’s to Alakurtti from where i live.

  8. David:
    >Would communism have worked if ussr stopped spending
    >money on conventional weapons and only maintained a large
    >enough nuclear force to act as a deterrent?

    Communist ideology granted that there must be in future world communist ‘revolution’. So it was neccessery to USSR to ‘invest’ in offensive weapon in order to make the ‘revolution’.

  9. “Taking into account that Russia is getting totally autocratic and fascist-minded”

    And the problem with that is?

  10. Hey Luis,

    Good luck. I hope you attempt this on on one of Russia’s fine self sinking submarines like the Kursk or AS-28. Hope you can hold your breath or bring a scuba mask. Ha ha


  11. Hey Hillbilly

    How bout ur 50000 american GI killed in vietnam?

    How bout ur embassy staff in Tehran in 79′?

    How bout twin towers?

    There are really not a lot of cool things in Russia, But US is not better. Go eat noodle throll. Chop-Chop!

  12. Hello american friends!
    Why d’you think, that all information on this site is true?
    Do you really think, that Russia is the country of bears?

    • actually I love Russia! And yes it has lots of bears (big brown ones at that). It’s a country of many cultures, and has produced some of the finest music mankind has ever known. Before I die I want to go fishing in Siberia, and listen to some concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Maybe next year.

  13. Nopasaran,

    Are you crazy? We have had to fight many wars on our own soil. We have fought the English, Indians, French and even a civil war. But back to Afghan, Russia looked like a coward.

    Russia got its butt kicked in Afghanistan by a bunch of starving men on camels! Ha ha

    14,453 dead soldiers
    118 jet aircraft shot down
    333 helicopters shot down
    147 main battle tanks destroyed
    1,314 IFV/APCs destroyed
    433 artillery and mortars destroyed
    1,138 radio sets and command vehicles destroyed
    510 engineering vehicles destroyed
    11,369 trucks and petrol tankers destroyed

    • Sir,
      you forgot one other thing on your list.
      * you failed to list all the Russian POWs that refused to go back to the motherland, and also a list of all the Russian defectors from that little war.
      Many have found their way to the U.S.A., and drive Chevy Monte Carlos, and new pickup trucks. All the while never having to look over their shoulders while they are out in public.

  14. US got its butt kicked in Vietnam by a bunch of starving men on donkeys! Ha ha

    dead: 58,209
    wounded: 153,303

    United States Air Force Losses

    USAF fixed-wing
    A-1 Skyraider– –191 total, 150 in combat

    A-26 Invader– –22 total

    A-37 Dragonfly– –22 total

    B-52 Stratofortress– –31 total, 17 in combat


    58 000 american GIs killed for nothing! FOR NOTHING. U runned from NAM as a bunch of cowards. All u could do is to kill harmless civilians in Song-Mi.

    Nation of cowards. All u could do is to shot movies about or Heroic heritage.

    • your figures are dead wrong as usual!
      *there was less than 190 Skyraiders in the U.S. inventory during the entire 1960’s. Probably less than 20 planes were lost to hostile actions.
      *count eleven B52 bombers destroyed with a small handfull taken out of service due to damage over N. Vietnam
      *there was maybe five or six A26’s shot down. The rest were culled from service due to age.
      *the A37 dragonfly was also culled from service as well as the B57 canberra due to age
      *but then again you might had added the F105G’s and F105G’s. The “D” model took a large hit over N.Vietnam, but the “G” model was pretty sucessful against Soviet SAM sites.
      *A4’s were one plane that was like a fish out of water over those skys, and were replaced with A6’s (aka “flying dump trucks” due to their bomb loads).
      of all those planes only the F105’s, F4’s and A4’s saw much flying time on N. Vietnam. The B52 flew over N. Vietnam for about two weeks. No F111 was ever shot down, but a few crashed due to problems in the first design of the terrian following radar package.
      Now here’s a thought to ponder upon: The Soviet Union told China and North Korea to quit wasting SAM’s against the SR71’s making daily flights over China and North Korea as they didn’t have any luck shooting one down over Kamchatka as well. The last flight thru there brought a total of 300 SAM’s fired on the SR71 without one even getting close. Can you do anybetter now? Don’t bet the farm on it!

  15. Hey everyone,

    I know that the US has problems and that we made a BIG MISTAKE in Iraq. But I get a little tired of people like Nopasaran who think that Russia is God’s gift to planet Earth and then speak poorly about the USA.

    Max, I don’t know what you are trying to say. I know you have a little mind, so try to give me some facts. Sure, you can bring up the twin towers in New York and then I can bring up the Nord Ost theatre siege.

    Shall we keep going?

  16. In the russians defense..the reason they suffered those losses is because we supplied the afghans with the weaponry needed to fight the russians.

  17. our only mistake in iraq is that we are not fighting to the limits of our ability….just as in vietnam. I compare it to sending a dog into s fight while wearing a muzzle

  18. Hey Max,

    It sounds like we have some similarities after all. By the way, how would you respond to someone like Luis who said:

    We shall kill all of you, mongrels! All of you will burn
    under легим for a short while a plutonium dust

  19. 2 Texas1

    I really believe that you are sure of this information, because you are the moderator of this site. You too often leave your comments here. If i had posted this information I would have believed too.

  20. Texas1, and why US is always telling us what to do? Who they think they are? Does everybody agrees with the views of your government?

  21. guys, these wars you are talking about and making a sample of were/are fueled by money and areas of influence. And when you see an invading country is backing out, its probably because the enemy of the invading country supplied means to deploy a very unfair kind of guerilla fight in country of invasion (afganistan, vietnam, iraq, chechnya, bosnia, etc etc etc), the kind that does not respect any sort of international war convention. not to mention the use of a media as a propaganda tool.
    it is absolutely incorrect to compare wars that were done in past history to current and recent wars, because now we live in a special age of international super powers, media and well-developed tools for manipulating society will exist…

  22. but like someone said, if superpowers were to conduct war the way it was done before the mass media, the guerilla wars would be over very soon due to the immence amount of violence unlieshed on the invadees. in other words: bloody, but quick.

  23. I’m not sure if that would be the best way to win. If our military planners had read Sun Tzu, then things would have been done much differently. For example, we could have ensured a strong embargo with our weaponry. Basically bombing anything that enters and leaves. The goal would be the complete breakdown of society. Hopefully, losses would be kept to a minimum. The warring factions would basically fall apart due to starvation and desperation. We would wait till things were at the absolute worst and demand a roundup of weaponry, explosives, etc. Then we would come into the country with food, water, gifts, money, construction equipment and jobs. We would command control from their palaces, with weaponry and the people would listen because we have what they need.

  24. Taifun subs don’t carry 200 missiles, they carry 20 missiles with up to 200 warheads.. I know, I know.. but there is a difference

  25. ridiculous arguments all around– schoolboys fighting over who’s father can kick who elses ass.

    when the space invaders land we will be ripe for the plucking. BROTHERS, PATRIOTS, TOVARISCHI, WE MUST UNITE AND FIGHT THE ENEMY FROM THE STARS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!



  26. Sheesh… Well that was interesting up until all the willy waving antics kicked in. What’s the use of arguing over millimeters when you’re clearly lacking inches! =D

  27. To get the discussion back on track, various countries in the South Asia region are involved in shipbreaking as this Greenpeace site shows. One article on how an asbestos-laden ship was not allowed to be broken up in India suggests that some of the ships lying on their side might contain dangerous contaminants that would stop anyone from going near those ships, let alone salvage them for their metal.

  28. Under address,19.913058&spn=0.001434,0.006781&t=h
    you will find 2 russian hovercrafts (class Pomornik/Zubr). This are photos of Kaliningrad military base.

    But here,%2B47%C2%B0+39%27+57&daddr=&ie=UTF8&z=18&ll=42.881951,47.656868&spn=0.001816,0.006781&t=k&om=1
    and here,%2B47%C2%B0+39%27+57&daddr=&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=18&ll=42.880709,47.665456&spn=0.001816,0.006781&t=k
    you will see 2 of russian Ekranoplanes.

  29. According to Webster Tarpley, the “Kursk” was sunk by either a US or UK collision or a UK or USA missle/torpedo …

    Read his book 9/11 synthetic terror. I believe he mentions this in the beginning of the book.

    9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

  30. I thought that the Kursk sank while testing hybrid supersonic torpedos via cavitation, or does anyone remember that.

    You guys need to realize there is no such thing as Fair in War. Rules are ALWAYS for looks.

    Thanks for the pictures. I can’t believe that many ships would just be left laying on their side like that. They could have been given away to poor countries or soemthing.

  31. this statement :”…. legendary “Kursk” submarine, the one which got sank a few years ago near Murmansk and whole crew died, because the rescue team has not come in time.” is not true….look for the facts…

  32. “I can’t believe that many ships would just be left laying on their side like that. They could have been given away to poor countries or soemthing.”

    You mean to a poor country like Russia? The reason they are left there like that is that their owners, or the military did not have the financial resources to maintain them or dispose of them properly.

  33. “Texas1, it’s very unwise to associate Islam with terrorism”

    Are you kidding Steelbud? To not associate Islam with terrorism at this time is to ignore the obvious. Islam as a religion may not be responsible for individual’s actions but, clearly something about the faith is currently associated with the violent actions of so many of its followers. To not associate Islam with terrorism would be like not associating Christianity with the Crusades. The sooner people accept there is an issue the sooner they can make a change to fix the problem.

  34. Hmm those aupmarines shouldn’t be mixed with the russian Taifun submarines. Those are “Project 941 Akula” NATO-callsign:Typhoon -subs

  35. actually, the people that fought in the American Revolution were born in American, by people that were born in America. (mostly). they might have had british accents…but not because they were british…it is much like people from africa have french accents….see the point? make the connection?

    it is also funny that a bunch of farmers beat the strongest nation in the world at the time…..not to mention, we have bailed you out of two world wars, and you still show this type of attitude? and to add insult to injury, we give your country money every year! millions! and yet you have nothing good to say about us? pathetic really…..still bitter over what happened 200+yrs ago apparantly.

  36. the kursk sank because the soviets used a chemical propulsion system in thir torpedos that mixes two chemicals to create a ga stream which is forced through a small turbine,hydrogen peroxide i think. this setepis simple but its irreversible-u cant stop one once it starts.the britsh also used this syetem but had some fatal accidents when the chemicals accidentally combined,i know theu sank at least one sub. the brits “hydrophones” reported the sound of a torpedo explosion when the kursk sank.the story is that the chemicals are corrosive,and damage their own feed lines and tanks inside the torpedo itself-they mix and cause the casing to explode,invisible and fatal to the sub. im sorry those submariners were killed,that service is for brave people,and that includes russians……….

  37. india and bangladesh,and the ships are fron europe and russia,its currently illegal to send us ships there,this minute anyhow. many of ours are broken up near brownsville texas,so we are killing mexicans instead of folks from india

  38. please state your source of information about “Latino” soldiers. Thru out the years we have had Mexican-American men join the armed services, but they must speak English. Also the Phillipenes and Pourte Rico have had many of their people enlist as well. Nobody has been “drafted” into the armed services in many years here, and lets hope we never see a draft again.

  39. Ok, the fight’s over!
    But I’m going to do this:
    I live right on the edge of a big city where the farm land starts. I don’t own a big house or anything, but instead live in a 1500 sq. ft. condo. Nothing special, but it’s all mine. There are hundreds of farms of all sizes around here, and I think you need to come over here for an extended visit. I will take you out in the country side to see hundreds of these folks that are not living very good. They’ll invite you in for a steak and a tour of their farms. Maybe even let you drive their John Deer four wheel drive tractors (it’s time to start plowing you know). I’ll even take you fishing, and we can go uptown to listen to some quality old school jazz. Hell you might even meet a pretty woman over here. At my house I’ve been known to grill a pretty good steak, and in another month we can go watch race cars all day long.
    I’ll even take you up into some of the areas you speak of that live worse than where your at. We can have barbeque till your stomach bursts! Maybe even attend a couple jazz festevals. How about an anti government politcal rally? Even that’s OK here. You’ll never have to look over your shoulder over here. So when can I expect you?

    • Hey Have just read a few entries there, WTF? All yous guys do feel very passionate about your countries!
      Being from the UK (Northern Ireland) there is clearly 1 thing that The russians and a large part of western europe forget. In both world wars and even more in the second the US saved our asses, Imagine going to france and it being a faciast republic? As the germans hated communists there would have been no USSR and probably none of the american hating people on this website.
      Talking about the “Proxy Wars” nearly all the wars have involved a superpower. To counter agression from the USSR the USA pumped vast amounts of money, weapons etc so the mujahadeen could fight the soviets, evidently they trained them too much as it is proving very hard to defeat the mujahadeen/taleban there.
      In vietnam/korea russia and then ally china done the same against the US, sounds very familar doesnt it.
      In iraq and afganistan syria and iran are doing the exact same! However now that the US military has taken to paying local militias to fight calm is slowly being restored.
      Every nation is the same in that it only suits its own means and the sooner people realise that the better. No nation is pure white but I do believe the US & Russia get a very rough press and anyone who gloats about war and death must think what it must be like being in a war theatre, reckon a few people here would change their mind….

  40. hey mate i had a search 4 the ship graveyard you mentioned, eventually found it on google earth just search for alang, Gujarat, its actually in indian, you’re right it is pretty horrible to look at but pretty interesting at the same time. i counted about 50+ ships including an aircraft carrier

  41. I betcha my Russians put them abandoned ships,sumbarine”s,oil tanker to look like nobody exist”s there.So that the dam CIA,Fed”s,USA military,and the other organizations, like people that use satellite technology to track Russia or other enemy;s they had in the past in war or in a bad poltical sitution.

  42. how soviets manages these huge expenses.some time i realy think about the mindset of hardliners of the cpsu,central committee,s bosses.they dont thik about their orders.after issuing them?if they expend their wealth on the people of cccp,they might be richest in the world.

  43. You know whats funny? people were dissing the US in getting “beat” in Nam, while the Soviet Union got its ass handed to itself in Afghanistan by a bunch of towel headed mountain folks. So please, dont bring up Nam. Mighty Russia has failed before as well.

  44. P1: Murmansk Frontal Aviation- Strategic Anti-Ship Defense Wing.
    P3: Possibly Icebreaker V. I. Lenin.
    P6: HQ, Northern Fleet, Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast. Repair/Overhaul/Fitting Yards and Active Duty Base for the Soviet and Russian Northern Fleet.
    P8: Unidentified Mixed Surface ships and Submarines. Origin Suspect.
    P9: From Inboard to outboard- 2 Type 877 Kilo SS. 1 Delta IV SSBN/SSGN. Photo SS/SSN repair and Dock Facilities, Polyarnyy, Murmansk Oblast.
    P12: Left to Right- 2 Delta IV SSBN/SSGN, 1 Type 877 Kilo SS, 1 Delta IV SSBN/SSGN. Photo SS/SSN repair and Dock Facilities, Polyarnyy, Murmansk Oblast.
    P15: Visible submarines are 3 Type 949A Oscar II SSGN. Photo SS/SSN repair and Dock Facilities, Polyarnyy, Murmansk Oblast.
    P16: Correction: Type 249 “TYPHOON” Carries 20 SS-N-20 Missiles, Each carrying 5 MIRV. Total 100 Nuclear Charges.
    P19: No evidence gathered by NRO to support said claim.
    P23: No evidence gathered by NRO to support said claim.
    P24: Correction: Photo open-pit mine.
    P25: Correction: No permanent or mobile launch sites visible.

    Just a few small corrections and help-tidbits from the All-Seeing Pie-In-The-Sky. Hope you don’t mind.

  45. Since metal salvaging is taking off due to China buying up so much regular use metal & the world’ desire to recycle & reuse, why don’t the Russians (either by their own construction barges or through outside cooperation) drag those wrecks & capsizes onto the shore to cut them up & reutilize all of the metal, wood, wires, & innards etc.?
    Every part of a wreck is usable.
    Heck, I’d do it w/ some help. I’d get a crew together & slowly pull 1 visible wreck out of the harbor after another.
    Shoot, I’d probably be able add onto a vessel from one of the wrecks.
    The metals not used could bring a nice price?
    I may not even sell the metals or the part for that matter.
    Simply cut them up & sand blast them nice & new. Then, use the sheets as outer layering for rooftops or even new hull material.
    Anyone w/ me?

  46. Comment by David Webb
    2007-08-24 21:59:02:

    Picture #21 is remnants (earth berms) of site for Lavochkin OKB S-75 (NATO reporting name SA-2 Guideline) surface-to-air missiles. Each of the six drive-through revetments would contain a launcher, and the central one the radar and control system.

    S-75 system has been obsolete thirty years or more, but was much used during Viet Nam. NVA had many.


  47. That it is very evidently ,when a soviet leader he got in the soviet power around the 70’s to 90’s, the united states country them start to win every where, that because many say that the soviet leader 80’s, he borne in Brooklyn new York but from his soviet parents, that soviet leader he start to fight at many countries in Europe Asia an Arabia, he making as a American spy, many say that soviet leader he does a very intelligent person, to win war but with his evident homosexuality, he dose very nice to talk but he turn back, to any communist country, it is in the way he does wining any war as for the American country, many be alive that still in the war making to the Americans to win many war, that soviet leader he does helping to the American with his intelligence, to win many illegal war, many be alive he must to disappear from any where were he does, for the world to stay safe, the big business places around the world, them like car industry planes and computer technologies, them been developed by European countries, them aren’t own by the united states country, the soviet union the make care to help to the European countries, to make safe as for them technologies, because the Americans them want to be thief, at the Europeans, that around the 50’s and 60’s, there were a big war period from the 60 to 70’s at the Americans, until that spy American person he got in the soviet power-.

  48. Interesting, but no picture my house. Urgently corrected. I give the coordinates 68 ° 55’58 .83 “N – 33 ° 6’53 .95” E

  49. Какой бред ))), неужели для потехи собственного тщеславия и боевого духа, вам достаточно показать свалку))), и вы этому поверили?!…)))
    Тогда я сочувствую вашему оптимизму)))
    Хотя, по большому счету, воина никому не нужна, ибо в ней не будет победителя но будет проигравший-человечество…
    Поэтому, мне непонятен этот сарказм…или вы действительно считаете нас врагами?!…лично я, нет.

  50. You Russians would be speaking German and Hitler would be your leader if not for the U.S. , your inabillity to keep up with us in the cold war has turned your country into a poor beaten nation . I served on a U.S. missle cruiser during the 1980’s and mother Russia would have been destroyed , We have many problems in our country but we are still the best trained and best fighting force in the world.

  51. Can you imagine the environmental impact from all those abandoned ships? Someone should tell Green Peace.

  52. one question for the Americans on here??
    korean war
    iraq (invaded for oil)
    gulf war
    American war efforts are pitiful. You are the biggest failures in diplomacy the world has ever seen, save for your neighbour the Aztecs.
    Russian people sacrificed 28 million people saving the British in WW2
    The Americans decided to join when provoked, who’s to say that unless Pearl Harbour happened you’d have even joined the war… who’s to say the Americanc wouldnt have deserted the French, Brits etc

    ohh and where was America when Russia walzed into Georgia last year? You couldn’t intervene, because even now your scared of what the repercussions could be… Russia’s nuclear stockpiles give the American Regime nightmares, doesn’t it.

    Everyone hates you… The entire world would love to see every american hillybilly crash and burn, only the puppets Britain would stand by your side.

    Heed my words because one day we WILL pick up the weapons of old and you WILL come crashing down!!

  53. The difference between Soviet soldiers and American:
    Soviets did not go to the army freely, the service was
    mandatory. Americans are dying for education tuition grant.
    If you want to see the US Navy graveyard, drive along I-95
    in Philly South you may see rusting Ticonderoga class boats.
    US is a mirror image of SU letters. Meet the fate at the
    mirror plane. Obamization equals socio-commune soon.You guys
    across a big pond have a long range vision, don’t you see
    your current problems.

  54. this is a totally wastage of the resources. they use so much metal in those ship and now they all are abandoned. they need to recycle it for other things.

  55. I am Russian and an American. I have 2 citizenship’s, one from Russia and other from USA…
    I know the way both nations think… I can tell you only one thing; YOU ARE ALL THE SAME…
    And if you think that I am wrong, make a few steps back and watch wider.
    I see it now; you will see it in 10 years, when corporate Russia will be just like USA, same benefits, same problems. In fact, right now this is the last moment to see Russia and its strange Russian soul, because, as I said, in 10 years it will be no difference but “Nothing personal” or we can call it “Business”
    USA? Russia? Blah, blah, blah! 😉


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