58 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower Made of Matches”

  1. Can I say “Ohmygosh!” Shows what people can achieve if they unplug themselves!! Bravo!


    I’ll be first in line for a small scale model!!

  2. One could say that Mr. Pashkevich has too much time on his hands or that the time is/was wasted but disagree and find spending time creating something as intricate and as beautiful as what he has created is far better than spending time browsing or “surfing” the Internet as many of us do. I would bet that most here who feel that Mr. Pashkevich’s hobbies are a waste of time, waste more time on the Internet and have created nothing nearly as beautiful to show while only contributing quips and insular comments.

    Beautiful and amazing work Alexandr. Please keep it up.

  3. Excelente, despues de haber conocidao la torre de verdad esta es una replica muy buena, incluso las luces rojas me recuerdan cuando se festejo el año nuevo chino que estuvo de ese color. Felicitaciones

  4. Wow it was realyyy great Mr Pashkevich… specialy the lamps made it more impresive! I can only say, what u have done is incredible!!!!! WELLDONE

  5. Beautiful, Amanzing, and Wonderful! But You Have Way To Much Time On Your Hands! What Do You Do When You Aren’t Doing Things Like This! Maybe a Girlfriend Is What You Need! I Say Try Match.com! No offense!:P I love the piece! I Hope The Lights Will Work Correctly!

  6. its a gorgeous piece but it makes me wonder “Who has that much free time.”oh , i hope the wiring of the lamps isn’t bad other wise…poof. i hope you do more peices but get some friends and go out and have fun … maybe a girlfriend would be good!!!

  7. Great work Alexandr. I know how much time,patience and imagination went into making this piece of matchstick art.

    Have a look at my late father’s “matchstickology” as he coined his work on this website:


    To view an in depth story follow think link at the bottom of the Catfish page.

  8. Beyond belief, words cannnot get close to conveying the amazing quality of this build and the skill that has gone into it. I build models and have built a ‘kit’ Eiffel Tower with 1603 pieces, that is quite impressive and took me well over 100 hrs work,so I can appreciate what must have been involved in this incedible construction. My only comment on a personal point is that I wish you’d painted it in it’s correct colour, then it would have looked even more realistic and not made of matchsticks. If people reading this like models then have a look at my 100% paper Motor Bike made from 541 pieces, that took me over 250 hrs work, think how long this Tower took, years I should imagine. It’s just a shame that ‘we’ never get the chance to see amazing works like this in the ‘flesh’ and just have to drool over photo’s !
    This model is so good it reminds me of the Ferrari 312pb made by Pierre Scerri, the most realistic Car model ever made !

    Andy 🙂

  9. no manches te qdo super yo pienso q yo no podria hacer esa torre tan perfecta te felicito¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  10. Hello!
    Have you got a plan which you use when you build this beautiful tower?
    Can you send me? I\’m going to build it, I love it.
    Thank you.

  11. Beautiful work congratulations Now!!! I would to contact the creator in order to have an expo in New York Please contact me at victorp1954aol.com Regards Victor

  12. nice work i want build a eiffel tower out of matches who ever knows how to build it easy way please send every steps on my email thanks!

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