Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Some think that there are bears walking around Russian cities freely.

It’s not true. There are no bears, there are… TIGERS!

Meet this video made in a Siberian village by a surveillance cam of a Siberiat tiger walking freely across the village at night.

It’s not some kind of tiger that ran off from the Zoo, it’s a specie of tigers that live in Siberia, so to called “Ussuri” or Amur Tigers. They don’t afraid extreme colds of Russian winter.

14 thoughts on “Tiger Walking in Russian Village”

  1. Thanks – that’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It almost seemed like the tiger wanted to play chase with the dog. Wow.

  2. Recently, some scientists did a survey on the general situation and the food supply of the siberian tiger. The situation is bad: Only a few tigers left, scattered across siberia, and worse for many of them, not enough food to survive. That hungry tiger must be desperatly looking for food in the village. Otherwise, he wouldn´t dare to come even close to a village.

  3. ..but they ARE afraid of dogs 3 times smaller that them lol

    not as funny as “video made in a Siberian village by a surveillance cam” tho))
    afftar- do u listen to yourself when you talk?))))
    2 everyone else on the site:use your fkn heads lol

  4. it’s hard to judge how big that dog is– it LOOKS small from this angle, but then compared to the tiger. . . considering how big tigers are that dog is probably of average size (young husky maybe?). at the begining it looks like the tiger is chasing the dog, but then another dog comes out of the shadows and the tiger takes off.

    I sure hope the tigers survive in that part of the world. . . dying off in India too. Easily the most beautiful of the big cats.


  5. Wow! I would love to see a tiger that close up! I have seen pictures of polar bears that actually played with sled dogs so maybe the tiger was just looking for company? (nothing but dial up here-can’t download video!)

    wow, Russia sounds neat-wish I beleived I could survive cold weather -I would go!


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