3d touchpad
5 3D Touchpad from Ukraine

3D Touchpad from Ukraine

An inventor from Ukraine designed another gadget to control your computer: It looks mainly like an usual touch pad installed in
most of laptops but it can catch the movement of your hands in 3D without touching the surface of the pad itself.
mendeleev's house

31 Mendeleev’s House

Mendeleev’s House

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist. He is credited as being the primary creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements. Unlike other contributors to the table, Mendeleev predicted the properties of elements yet to be discovered. There is a legend about how he has discovered this table. According to this legend he was trying to figure out the table for many weeks but couldn't get all the elements in one table. So he was very tired and exhausted so got a little nap, and during this nap he have got the
dream. In this dream he has clearly seen the periodic table of elements in three dimensions. Everything was structured and brilliantly looking. Not only the known and already discovered elements, which have already got their names, were on this table, but the previously unknown elements which didn't have the names and were not discovered for that time, they were discovered only years later. All he had to do is to wake up and write everything down. So he woke up and the table was ready.
moscow city
8 Snowmen in Moscow

Snowmen in Moscow

A crowd of snowmen invaded
centre of Moscow city.
19 Another Truck Without A Wheel

Another Truck Without A Wheel

That's another example of a truck on Russian roads,
without a wheel. Now it goes without a forward wheel.
russian highway
13 Death Highway: St. Petersburg – Moscow

Death Highway: St. Petersburg – Moscow

Did you know that the main highway in Russia, connecting two biggest cities Moscow city and St. Petersburg has only two lanes, with only a few sections with 3-4 lanes, mainly closer to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It's length is more than 300 miles (700 km) and
it's overloaded all the time, no matter you go though it in the daytime or at night. Now, when the snow finally appeared in Western Russia, the traffic on this number one federal highway causes things like this happen every few miles.
7 Ambulance Has Priority

Ambulance Has Priority

This video starts with a short passage on Russian. The ambulance driver complains that some drivers don't make way for them
when they go on emergency calls. Then the journalist joins them and.... totally unpredictable thing happens.
sos booth
9 SOS Booth

SOS Booth

If you fill like in need of some urgent help while on travel to Russia, visiting Moscow, then you can try to use this Orange SOS Booth. It has a user-friendly interface with only one button "CALL" , so the
language barrier won't be a barrier at all. All other parts of those SOS booths are made of hard metal so it's intended for a long living in somehow unfriendly environment it is placed to stand.
snow falls
15 Snowy Roof

Snowy Roof

If nobody cleans the snow from the roof it can
fall down. Right on the Moscow Lexus.
russian truck
19 Loaded Truck Without a Wheel

Loaded Truck Without a Wheel

This is a Russian truck going without a wheel. It is fully loaded with some goods, but with a missing lane. It even doesn't think about going by a right, lower
speed lane, it goes at left lane - where the more speedy cars ride. Seems the driver doesn't care at all that his truck is a little bit out of order.
mosfilm monument
31 Mosfilm Monument

Mosfilm Monument

This was a big epic monument, a sybmol of Russian sculpture. It was made in 1937 by a woman sculptor. More than 60 ft (20 metres) tall, made
of steel. It was also used in "Mosfilm" movie leading Soviet making company. These days it stands disassembled.

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