First Russian CD

first russian cd

These are photos of first Russian CD.

In Russia common people didn’t have cd players untill mid 90s, so in later 80s there were no Russian music discs at all.

This was the first one produced by Russian music company “Melodia”. You can read the contents on the pictures – it was both on English and Russian language because it was mainly for export – nobody in Russia was in need of cd’s.

Photos by Gyuri from Hungary.

first russian cd

first russian cd

first russian cd

first russian cd

first russian cd

first russian cd

first russian cd

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  1. Yes, the top level domain for the Soviet Union was .su
    Apparently some Russian sites still use it, I’ve seen it around.

    And then there’s the Kremvax usenet hoax from 1984, purportedly the first Soviet node on Usenet:

  2. I have a US Pressed recording of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition which is co-branded with Melodiya on 12″ vinyl. I always assumed that Columbia probably gave Melodiya some recording equipment that was worth having in exchange for the rights to publish that Soviet recording. I’ve also got a copy of Paul McCartney’s Soviet album release, also on Melodiya.

  3. I am not sure it’s the first CD. I guess it’s the 7th, as its code is “SUCD 10 – 00007”, not “SUCD 10 – 00001”!

  4. 2Béranger
    Yeah, you are right!

    Look at that:
    W.A.Mozart. Symphony No.28 in C major, KV 200
    Mass in C major “Coronation”, KV 317
    “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra
    Basques’ Chorus (Spain)
    Conductor Vladimir Spivakov
    SUCD 10 00003 DDD

  5. And what about that:
    SUCD 10-00001
    Year of recording – 1987
    Year of publishing – 1990

  6. That`s not true about Tchaikovsky being first among first SUCD 10-00001.

    Before that there was 180 SUCD`s printed, and they was “Roxette” albums! LoL.

  7. Анатольевна, ты чо тут самая умная штоли блин?

    1). А чо бы нам и не посмеяцца? Над США можно над нами нельзя?
    2). Причом тут ЮэС и ево ступид пипл? Или тут пипл сильно умнее чем в ЮэС?

  8. I have SUCD10-00001 Bortnyansky Concertos for choir (1)
    SUCD10-00005 Mikhail Pletnev Tchaikovsky´s Grand Sonata, Children´s Album,
    and SUCD10-00003 Spivakov Coronation.

    I have SUCD 10-00007 REALLY ¿the first russian cd?

  9. On my first visit to Leningrad in 1990 I was discreetly offered the McCartney Soviet Album by a trader in the Gostinnyi Dvor. I was not too interested and then he showed me the Sikhira CD. Although this is not everyday stuff, I have really come to like this music. The Stikhira by Ivan the Terrible, although I understand but a few scattered words, have a mesmerizing effect, especially when I am in a contemplative mood. Russia is a great country to long for.
    In 1991 we went on our honeymoon to Moscow, and GUM had Melodya Cds of Tchaikovsky, Bach and Rakhmaninov in stock.

  10. Although there were discs with numbers below 007, this was considered by Melodiya to be the first disc issued in the first series that was pressed in the Moscow plant in the Soviet Union. But it was not the first disc pressed in that plant. The man who was manager of the plant at the time, who was later forced out when the “mafia” took over, gave me in 1995 a copy of the first test pressing. The presses were installed by the Swedish company Toolex Alpha, and the disc and tray liner has reproductions of the signatures of the workers who installed the presses. The recording is a Swedish recording from a stamper they brought over to test the presses.

    • @Armando, I used to have this CD but have lost it somewhere while moving countries. Would you be able to share? Thanks

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