13 thoughts on “Multiprocessor Table Based on Compact Discs”

  1. i bet he works at intel.. because nobody has that my spare computers around. there is a intel manufactoring plant in israel. these are probably the rejects.

  2. to: intelnm

    the intel plant in isreal does not make complete processors afaik. they only make the dies and those get shipped elsewhere to be made into useable processors.

    however due to the plant being there they might still have a lot of cpu-s laying around.

  3. Not to pick nits when the guy made a very nice chess table, but it would have been a little better if the text on the squares could be read without having to turn your head 90 degrees.

  4. Outstanding work. If you lived within mailing distance of AOL in the early 90’s you could have built an entire sofa set, and had enough left for several four poster beds.

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