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  1. FYI: Wiedzmin (can be translated in english as the Witcher) is a title of polish fantasy book series and also a title for the computer game scheduled for relase in 2007. http://www.thewitcher.com

  2. Very Beautiful. Imagine a world where there was nothing but beauty, love, good stories, and very, very low tax’s. Well that, free cable, good health care, and cops that weren’t shooting people all the time!

    I live in New York which some think is Heaven or the Emerald City. Actually it is,..for some. Perhaps a bit less than half or so. The rest of us make just get by. So this fantasy village looks good to me,…just add free cable tv, plumbing, and high speed modems, and I’ll move there.

    • Yup – someone had to say it. Even though it says so in the article that they are processed. Even though it could hardly be more obvious. SOMEONE has to come out and say ‘photoshopped’. For what it is worth, i dont think these are over-processed either. They are processed to create a very nice fairy-tale atmosphere that is really beautiful. Very unreal and so much more haunting because of it. A fantastic page in fact! Thanks!

  3. Very beautiful, but don’t romanticize those buildings too much. They’re peasant huts. They are little better than a modern camping tent- maybe worse. It’s fun to visit historic villages, but it was never fun to live in them. There’s nothing beautiful about living in a small room with four or five other family members, no running water, no central heating, and a dirt floor.

  4. Overphotoshopped – I think they would have looked better if they looked more natural. And I agree with someone who said that living in a place like that would not be fun. I have lived in a small Russian village for a long time. No plumbing, no central heating, no indoor toilet (only outhouse), half-broken windows, no telephone or TV or internet or anything like that. In the summer it’s pretty and such, but in the winter when it gets below -20 Celcius it’s brutal. But the huts in your pictures are still beautiful. I just think people in North America have so much that they can’t possibly imagine what it would be like not having any of that. It’s not romantic in any way.

  5. My first thought was that these are renders. Then, I checked out the Wiedzmin game site and…


  6. This is fake. Wiedzmin is not Ukrainian name, it is Polish and stands for “Witcher”. Witcher is popular fantasy book and moovie in Poland as well as Russia. The Witcher computer game coming out next spring, ans some of the architecture in these images is VERY similar to screenshots of the game. So this most likely is concept art for game.


  7. why would i ever want to live there, it seams as though there is always a storm outside. i think that the only thing real about these picures are the paints that was used.

  8. Where exactly is the spirit of an old slavic village? Seems like spirit of some fantasy-roleplaying-game to me. Nice pics, though. Would be nice to see unedited shots.

  9. Simply amazing! I could stare at them for hours. I swear the pictures seem as if something fantastic were to happen at any moment.

  10. This pictures are not from the village near Kiev, but from ethnographic museum inside Kiev.
    There some more photos from it: http://www.thekonst.net/ru/photohunt/album/172
    and here

  11. Some of these look like the open-air museum near Pereyaslav, about 1.5 hours outside of Kiev (to the SE i believe?). I visited there several years ago. the first three in particular. the third pic (the building with a balcony, and the windmill is in the background) – i took a picture with this building in particular.

    maybe someone knows if this is that museum?

  12. For a moment, set aside politics, reality, nationalism…see the work as the artist’s interpretation of a scene from the mind, whether for a game or from a memory. There were no claims of “authenticity.” There were no pretensions to borders. See the beauty of the colors, the mood, the use of known features in an unknown setting. Then you can return to your personal realities.

  13. Some look more fake than other, but all are pretty. But yes, better to look at than live in I do not doubt. The pictures do look pretty and romantic. Innacuracy does not make them ugly.

  14. I think they’re incredible for what they are. Art and technology in a most magical combination. It’s things like these that restore my faith in the relationship between mankind and his PC.

    Well done

  15. Totally agree with Andrew (post #26). Moreover I do confirm that it is not a village neat Kyiv, but an open-air museum Pyrohovo. I do appreciate pictures from the side of art, but consider as irrespect to Ukraine and its culture tags and comments made by the author of the initial post.

  16. WOW! is really amazing! I thought for a while that it was a set of a movie! I salute to he/she who took the pictures! Salutatins from Mexico!

  17. This is the ethnographic museum Pirogovo (Pyrohovo) 30 min from Kyiv, great place to wonder around. Someone may call it the village, but it’s the reserve that has these huts and mills brought from different parts of Ukraine.
    Of course the pics here are photoshoped, so don’t take it wrong.
    Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrohiv_(Kiev)

  18. great pictures.

    and they are NOT fake.

    ok, maybe these particular ones are from a museum or something, but…


  19. Aww so beautiful, reminds me of the russian/Slavic fairytales from childhood..they should build new ones like this to celebrate our culture that is almost gone and forgotten.

  20. This place is called Pyrohovo (Пирогово), it’s an open-air museum near Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. Museum gathered typical houses from all the regions of Ukraine. And there are a lot of windmills.
    You welcome to see it in your own eyes. By the way many nationalities (so-called developed countires) do not require visa for short tourist visit to Ukraine.

  21. it says Wiedzmin in the right bottom corner of those photos, look it up in Google 😛 They are not real 🙂

  22. OMG These pictures are not Ukrianian landscapes or from museum but from the PC game THE WITCHER(PL:Wiedźmin)!!! IT IS A FAKE and it’s “author” should be punished.

  23. Fake. Check out “Wiedzmin” [is in photos! In corners!] in google. Does mean ‘the witcher’. It’s popular Polish video Game.


    wykop.pl pozdrawia.

  24. site:

    music intro:

    więcej pozdrowień z wykop.pl 😀

  25. WAAAYYYY too much photoshop on this flicks. shame too, really ruins them. otherwise these are some brilliant shots and what a fantastic location. again what a shame about the over-use of photoshop, a good photographer doesnt need it and if he/she does use it it’s only to enhance or crop. these have become something else, post-production, and it pains me because they are such apt shots. what a SHAME.

  26. come to romania and you will see villages like this all over ardeal transilvania, maramures or other counties. they are quite beautiful and in tune with the fairy natural sorroundings

  27. Perhaps people should check their facts before attempting to “correct” others’. This is in fact an ancient village in the Ukraine just South of Kiev called Pyrohiv. It was settled in the bronze age and has since been restored and is now open to the public as an “open air” museum. Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as a filmmaker I find the photographs to be incredibly inspirational

  28. Great pictures 🙂 Ukraine is also great!
    Come to Kyiv and we’ll show you all these buildings, they are real. 🙂
    Check here:

  29. …to all people with the ‘photoshop -> fail’ attitude: these pictures represent something that you’re obviously failing to see…let me put it like this… imagine Photoshop doesn’t exist and you see this pictures..what will you think about them in that case?

    …they are just astonishing…

  30. I lyke your photoshop skills hunnie!
    Very nice and creative!
    Even though my friend ***Anthony** is so much more better! But I would lyke to be as good as youh!
    If I had time in my life of course. But no.
    Keep up the good work on photoshop!
    Maybe someday youh can teach me **wink, wink**

  31. I hate to burst your bubble. But I’m from Ukraine and yes there are some people that still live in similar houses. But if I’m not mistaken some of this pictures from Piragov, beautiful museum-village where people like to celebrate some Slavic holidays like jumping across fire or finding fern flower.
    Somebody wrote about wanting there free cable tv, plumbing, and high speed modems so they can live there. You would be in luck if you find ONE old phone there, because most of the time mobiles don’t have signals there. And some people live across old cemeteries, there one with old black trees. Yuck

  32. Those photos are pretty sloppily composed and exposed, IMO

    Bad choice of focal length/lens, these would do much better shot with a long lens to create some compression.
    And without the god-awful HDR processing, almost to the point that I can’t tell if they’re photographs or digital renderings.

  33. STOP BEING NEGATIVE and just appreciate the pics for what they are! sacre bleu the haters here and those looking to haughtily correct others is overwhelming! Be nice you guys…the blogger just wanted to share something awesome with us and fake or not, it’s stunning. <3

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