Russian Disco Party

This is an example of sample Russian disco party.

It looks the same probably in all the Russian not so big towns.

All guys who visit are ready to fight, they find somebody who is alien there and attack. And nobody would call police – just because it’s not something unusual – if you going to visit Russian disco party in smaller towns – you take the responsibility of participation in the fight.

Most of the young guys know that they need to be tough because they are going to go to Russian army and in Russian army it’s more like in prison – officers don’t control what happen – there is a big hierarchy between the soldiers.

Those soldiers who served longer – they beat EVERY day the younger ones – just because when they came – they were treated in the same manner. In Russian army there is thousands of soldiers die every year just because of this. And nobody cares. The latest story that was discussed nationwide in Russia is regarding one soldier who lost both of his legs because he was humiliated awfully in the army.

So when the elder guys return from army they have a broken psychics which is being transfered to the younger generations.

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

russian boys

photos by submitted by Cheetah

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  1. Nice ;))
    That’s why this country can’t be conquered – these people have nothin to loose but can’t wait to kick some ass!
    Pure digradation! Brilliant!

  2. “This is an example of sample Russian disco party.”
    strange there are only 3 women in all the photos.. do the guys all just dance and play with each other?

  3. It doesn’t seem to me that these guys are having lots of fun.

    Lazy Putin & Co. don’t understand that professional army is the way to follow… at the end it would be the most efficient option, both economically and militarily (needless to tell about socially).

    But be sure they think: what the point of carrying out such laborious reform is? Lots of work, young unemployment would raise and wouldn’t contribute to keep on filling our pockets… mmmmmm… let’s leave things as they’re and let’s take a look on something else more profitable…

    Meanwhile, Russian guys who can’t afford bribes to avoid being recruited will continue being absorbed by a whirlpool of cheap alcohol and irrational violence.

    PS: While countryside guys go to army, Sergey Ivanov jr., (son of russian defense minister, aged 23) was appointed vice-president of Gazprombank.

  4. Speaking of countryside disco`s they are (usually) quite nasty indeed. And guys shown above are typical for those places. And yes, they can be aggresive if you cross them, just as any other mobsters anywhere in the world.

    Speaking of army – I think it`s the biggest pain in the ass of our country. It just rots from inside – because of obsolete methods of control and incompetence of high command. And I see no way of reforming it now.
    Sometimes I even think that it would take a completle disband of the whole thing to fix it.

  5. Some of these photos made rounds on the Lithuanian net with captions “disco in a local village school.” Seemed Lithuanian enough, now it’s good to know that they were not in fact made in Lithuania 🙂

  6. I’ll have to disagree with those generalizations. Been there on described places few times and haven’t met anykind of problems. Ok, maybe on a small scale…

    Local ones might have some issues among themselves and militia might visit few times. But if you remember to behave and dont provocate anyone there shouldn’t be any special danger.

    I.e dont show off with your money, dont be arrogant and most important, be extremely careful when picking up local girls -> You probably have extremely fun and lots of new friends. Same rules worldwide?

  7. “Comment by Ivan — December 21, 2006”

    (Gone blind) AARGH. MY EYES.

    I think this one was from SMALL TOWN more than 100 miles away from anywhere.

  8. This boys named in russian “Pacani” (Eng. Boys)
    This is a true? but in Moscow normal Europian party/ More girls, beer and narkotik. Респект быдлу!

  9. Do U know what’s Bratstvo?No…So i think U don’t know what is the Real Russian Men Friendship…(пацаны к Вам не относиться, я только для иностранных гостей). This summer i’m going to visit USA…maybe i’ll be able to find…such American…”PACANI”…And kick their asses = )

    Russia is the best!!!

  10. This guys it’s true “Gops and Bidlo” but not true russian!
    In Moscow real Evropian Music, Rock Concerts, and Partys!
    People this stereotypes! create!
    And Now some american peoples think about russia: BEARS EVER WINTER And hairs oldmas in “laptayh”


    Rusian Progressive Country!

  11. These look like a regular bunch of guys. They could be anywhere in the world. Boston, Moscow, London, Berlin, but not San Francisco. San Francisco is very different. Come to think of it so is most of California.

  12. Although I’ve never been to Russia, I doubt this is truly representative of a typical Russian “disco.” It looks to me like someone trying to document the worst of Russian youth and pass it off as typical. Besides, none of these guys look any worse to me than what I see hanging around any 7-11 on a Friday/Saturday night.

  13. Thanks for the photos. You are right, the Americans responding don’t know enough about Russia. Many people can’t find work and there are no opportunities. None. In the US, people have opportunities. Even in our most depressed communities, the poor can go to college and eventually get out of the ghetto. Let’s face it, in the US our poor people are fat. In Russia, poor people can starve. Now, toss in alcohol addiction and rule by the type of mobsters that make the US Mafia look like a club for gay hair stylists and you basically have a nightmare. C’mon guys, there are Russian Internet brides for a reason. When was the last time you heard about Internet brides from New York?

  14. Absolutely, we have criminal districts in the United States. However, I think our criminals often have different motivations than criminals in Russia. In criminal districts in the United States, people are more likely to rob or steel for some money for drugs. Our criminals aren’t worried about food and housing. In many cases, not all, our criminals are in no condition to resort to violence. The effects of drug abuse have basically made them too weak.

  15. It’so funny. :)))
    Well. I live in Moscow (it’s our capital city, if you don’t know), and I want to say, that this type of our citizen is terrible. Thanks to God, that there aren’t so many such persons everwhere in our country. I really hate them… “patsani” =)))

    But don’t be so critical. Our country have problems. Many serious problems… And we are looking for a new way to make our life better. It’s crisis today. And in crisis many persons just have chosen this way to live. This way help them to find a reason to join their efforts to live in very hard moment for our country. It’s mostly hard for people who are living too far from big cities.

    I really don’t know why this type of uor citizen have chosen such kind of clothes and so on… But I really believe, that in a further future our live will become more stable and more… errr… beautiful for eyes of foreign citizen. And I also want to say, that it will be best case, if our european friends help us with their words. Don’t forget a history. Today i’m sure that for our country everything is possible – to win a war or to develop our economy. Now we are like in a bad dream. I mean citizen of our country.

    We will be friends and I believe in it. Our cultures fit together perfectly. Because we are part of Europe culture, and Europe culture get something from us.

    Peace =). But american – sorry. I see only bad sides of your culture… 😉

    Ну для наших – вот такой я патриот, ребятки. Надеюсь кому-нидь из них понравится…

    Sorry… My English is terrible. I’m learning it only 2 years… 😉

  16. Now wait a minute. You see only the bad side of American culture? Let’s see, there are only 2 countries in the UN that want Iran to be a nuclear power. They are Russia and China. Why? Because Putin and his other mafia buddies are trying to make some money for themselves. You don’t really think he has your interests in mind do you? And what about the people in the UK that were recently poisoned by radiation? Again, Putin looks guilty. It’s funny that as Putin tries to take more and more power from the people, all you can do is see problems with other people. Let’s not forget, Russia tried to invade Afghanistan 20 years ago but got defeated.

  17. Texas1 and american guys! Please open the eyes and turn off your TV. What do u know about Russia from mass-media? Try to be more objective. If “Putin and other mafia buddies are trying to make money” your Bush is trying to make money on war chasing his mercenary aims to get Iraq oil using your army as cannon fodder.

    Let’s not forget that USA helped terrorist in Afganistan 20 years ago when Russia fighted with them. Or you know world history from “Rambo” film?
    And USA also tryed to invade Afganistan few years ago and got defeated.

    Sorry for my children English.
    In the hope of understanding and with best wishes.

    Да нету у нас никакого кризиса 🙂

  18. I agree with some of the above: local smalltown bars around the world, filled with bored, frustrated and boozed up dudes is always a recipe for a fight. Redneck bars, russian bars, british bars, all the same.

    But with these here you’d be warned the moment you enter the bar with everybody wearing these black leather floppy hats that have scum written all over them.

    Also notice the dead eyes of most of the guys..

  19. While money may not be your life’s aim, it is certainly the aim of all of your mobsters and crooked politicians. I’m pleased that you think Russia has a future because there aren’t too many Europeans that think you have a future. With the exception of radioactive materials and weapons, Russia simply can’t export anything that the rest of the world wants.

  20. But what I’m trying to say is that most Americans would like to be friends Russians and everyone else. I believe that most Russians would like to be friends with United States too. We also hope that your country will be as successful as you think it will.

  21. The same happens here in Brazil in “funk” parties. There is the side A and the side B, which fight each other, lots of fun! :oD

  22. texas 1
    i want to make 2 thing clear:

    1:your dad’s car rides on russian gas,so don’t say russia doesn’t have anythig to export(beside that russia is the only country in the world that doesn’t HAVE to export,it can live on its own)

    2:what you say about that america wants to be everybody’s friend,is just evidence about how dumd you guys keep focusing on the rest of the world that you forget about your own.americans say that russia is using propaganda(when they say so it’s american propaganda already)but you people are to damn dumb to understand that your country is manupalating its own people.usa doesn’t want to be friends with no country(except the UK)
    it’s written in your history they killed all the native americans and are progressing to the rest of the world.

    emagine a russia that isn’t in chaos,while it is in chaos the world fears do you emagine a world where russia isn’t in chaos (cold war???).

  23. but russian people recognize a politican that is lying,and then the whole world is writing about it.americans don’t recognize a liar in the white house.So the whole world thinks america ia a democracy.the one thing americans are good at is:eating burgers,telling lies,and manipulaiting west europe.

    don’t you agree??:)

  24. Hi my dear Russian friend, all what I can say is that you can switch your TV off. Because your TV is pure propaganda. Everything that comes from your TV about USA is in bad light. It is very modern now days in Russia to be anti-American. If a person pops up with sympathy to America, he will be simply beaten by guys like that on pictures above. But it is normal with Russians like that.

  25. “Comment by kung-fu — December 30, 2006 @ 2:19 am…”.

    Ha, do you think that it is a pure propoganda? Ok, but what about a pure propaganda in US country? Do you think that if i see only Euro News (i sometimes do so) i will have a “real” information about the situation in world?
    But I think it doesn’t matter. I have my own opinion, and the reason of my negative meaning about american culture depends on my culture’s level.
    “Bad light”… )))). MTV, american films, american tv programms are advertising good, rich, democratical life in US, and many persons began to see in it a real happyness, but not me. I see there only money, money, money. And it is really sad.

    Beaten… 😀 😀 😀 of course. )))) But why they will do so? I have never seen such situation, when someone is beaten someone because of his love to US. Do you know why??? Because 90% of our citizen love our country, we love democracy, we love freedom. And we see nowadays in world’s situation, that US policy, US culture is more and more dangeros for a peace in the world, for freedom, democracy, for lives in this world.
    A don’t see a reasons of simpathy to America.
    Ah, yes, is the news about death of Saddam Hussejn also only propaganda? Or will you say that Iraq’s goverment made decision to kill him?

  26. well, country-side people are similar all around the world. Same as criminals. I find it quite funny to discuss “oh, US criminals are so nice, and russian are so ugly and cruel”. They all are the same. I’m sure.

  27. Hahaha some1 is jealous of russians….showin some russian tramp chavs….u seen propa russina discos..nd clubs nd girls haha, u wont be able 2 get close there theyll tell u 2 go get washed nd brake ur jaw u american worm lol…wat a mupper lil nonse u r.

  28. Ну и уёоообки!!!
    Почему они в одинаковых фуражках – не знает никто.

  29. omigosh! russian guys are hot… *melts*
    and the ladies are beautiful too..
    i wanna know more about russia.
    how can i do so?

  30. I find your comment interesting. I am from Canada, and feel the same way about america and americans. As for freedom, culture and the cultivation of ideas and free thinking, Canada is just as bad. It too is a dumbed down, ignorant and fascist state. I have not been to Russia; only Europe. Europe is WAY better than America. It is only Americans who think otherwise- they are SOOOOO brainwashed and IGNORANT! It’s actually quite pathetic. Anyway, it is interesting to hear about america from another perspective.

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  32. Блять, читал-читал комментарии, читал-читал. Почти час потратил на чтение и только потом вспомнил, что не знаю английского.

    Гопники (пацаны) – это наше культурное достояние. Мы их всячески должны холить и лелеять. Берегите гопников, товарищи!

  33. This is just a Russian version of “small town good old boys” like we have here in the states. I’m sure there are equivalents in the UK, France, Germany etc.

  34. They aren’t an army. In english, they are chaw. Lower class, and thats all. The more are social gap between poor and midle class, the more are people like them.

    But djedovschina isn’t only in russian army. Alsou in prussian army newbies was beated and umiliated by older soldiers. It is how is created real conquerors. Of coarse otside of army they could become psychotic.

  35. “one soldier who lost both of his legs because he was humiliated awfully”

    actually he lost his genitals too. Sychov was his name.

  36. Countryside disco… Yes its true, but not for everywhere. Go visit Kazantip to see the other side of russia disco. Do you think your rednecks somewhere in oklahoma behave themselves in the other way? I think not. The only difference is the hats – your rednecks are wearing baseball ones/

  37. Young men and women out on a cold night, it is like this everywhere. It could be almost anywhere. I hope they had a good party.

  38. YO! ukraine with love !!!

    Keep western Europe out of this. We know exacly what we are doing. And the US has not footlock on us. But the rest I agree with you in.

  39. Hey hey! I agree with those people who don’t believe in a poor propaganda in european and american mass. I have been in a many countries include America and I know that people can’t realise real Russia today. Russia has lots of nature goods and, of course, world leaders are trying to take them avay. There MAY BE a gratest and useless WAR which no one of us need!!! Think: WE HAVE A GRATEST CULTURE, WE ARE NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU, WE WANT TO LIVE IN A PEACE. Cause we’re so tired of revolutions, wars, genocide!!! Last 100 years Russia was in a gratest ASS, and since 1992 (USSR fall) we’re making NEW country.
    I can say for certain: 95% you know about russian HISTORY is LIE. Because your goverment wants to destroy Russia…
    Nevertheless,in the russian government practically there are no people who think of culture and education. They most think about their own benefit.

    Thinking of this is horrible for me.
    PS: Thanks for understand.

  40. Not sure why google sent me over to your but I can say I have been pretty fascinated by the comments you have pulled together. How many days did it take to begin to get so many people to your page? I am very new to this web site stuff.

  41. I am not gonna waste my time comparing the USA and Russia…Both are great countries, no doubt about it..
    Everyone does it their way.. To the US this may seem harsh, but in Russia this a how it is….
    If it were a war between the USA and Russia using hand to hand combat and nothing more, Russia would kick Americans to the curb, because they are seasoned much earlier by violence..
    Now, if it was a Technology War, using advanced weapons..The USA would win hands down….but of course, we all know that no one wins when Nuclear Bombs are used….. Peace

  42. It is all a lie! Photos are taken from a site, but “gopota” are people without brains, hooligans, the drunks, loving to fight. And certainly it not a disco. This concourse “gopota”. You very many do not understand, such stereotype therefore is created

  43. It’s just the booze in the empty building. All its members are shown in the photo. Such instances are not respected in society. We call these “drunk.” Our clubs are not worse than in the US or Europe.

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