12 thoughts on “Road Crossing in Lithuania”

  1. I’ve seen such method of walking so many times. Pure struggle!! Zombie style! Alcoholics are all the same when they try to move!

  2. It doesn’t seem to me that these guys are having lots of fun.

    Lazy Putin & Co. don’t understand that professional army is the way to follow… at the end it would be the most efficient option, both economically and militarily (needless to tell about socially).

    But be sure they think: what the point of carrying out such laborious reform is? Lots of work, young unemployment would raise and wouldn’t contribute to keep on filling our pockets… mmmmmm… let’s leave things as they’re and let’s take a look on something else more profitable…

    Meanwhile, Russian guys who can’t afford bribes to avoid being recruited will continue being absorbed by a whirlpool of cheap alcohol and irrational violence.

    PS: While countryside guys go to army, Sergey Ivanov jr., (son of russian defense minister, aged 23) was appointed vice-president of Gazprombank.

  3. “Lithuania, ex-part of Soviet Russia”

    Yeah, I bet the admin made a spelling mistake or something again, since Lithuania (and Latvia) were part of Soviet Union, NOT (soviet)Russia. Russia is also ex-part of USSR.

  4. This is a very sad video. Vodka is the poison of the east. Cocaine is the poison of the west. This image is not funny. It is very, very sad.

  5. come on, who cares… every single country in the world is or was part of another invader country.

    at least latvia now is independent. my country isn’t.

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