13 thoughts on “Boris Yeltsin Rocks Again”

  1. It appears as if it was all done in fun, like the woman enjoyed it. I would like to know exactly where that was filmed. It looks like one of the same concrete piers which I walked on in Sochi.

  2. You guys seem to like posting news which show people from bad side, compromise them. Seems like you like to make fun of people when they don’t like it. What if this kind of video was shot with you as the leading actor? Would you still publish it so enthusiasticly? Or do you just like to make fun of Russia, as it’s not your country?


  3. She was wearing a swimsuit, in the middle of a bunch of more formally-dressed people. It looks as if she was expecting it for some reason. Maybe this is some kind of Russian tradition when the President visits the coast, like the way the US President gets to throw out the first pitch when he visits a baseball stadium?

  4. Yeah, at least our current president doesn’t state officially that NATO will protect his (her) country from the attack of Marsians! 🙂

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