Parts of USSR

So in order to clarify a little bit what countries were in the USSR we have some photos.

People of those countries fill themselves now independent but formerly were referred as “Soviet People”.

Most of them still know Russian language almost perfectly.

So the list of the counties:


First goes Russia. It was the biggest part of USSR in terms of territory and population.

Russia was the most Northern part of USSR.


Next goes Ukraine. It has been said that 90% of Ukrainian people speak Russian perfectly.

They have changed their political orientation recently from Russia to West, but some already are dissappointed that nothing really changed.


Now goes Belarus. It has been said that Belarus is the only dictatorship country in Europe, governed by Lukashenko who is called by most people of Belarus as “Batka” – it would be father in English.


As I mentioned, Russia was the most Northern country in USSR so most of the rest countries are more Southern.

This is a portrait of the dweller from Uzbekistan.


And here goes the lady from now famous Kazakhstan. Real people of Kazakhstan don’t look like Sasha Baron Cohen, but more like Jacky Chan.


The next one is Georgia. It’s new goverment often now quarrels with Russian officials. Russia as an answer bans different products from Georgia.

Most of Georgian economics is based on export to Russia and on people who work and live in Russia and support their families in Georgia.

There is a short funny story about Georgia:

On the lesson in Georgian school teacher asks kids about their parents:

– Dear kids, please tell me what do your parents do for living?

First kids answers:

– My father sells Georgian wine to Russia and we live fine!

– Very good, says teacher, and asked another kid about his parents. The boy replies:

– My father sells fruits and flowers to Russia, we also live very well.

– Ok, very good, and you Vano, what do your parents do?, – asked the teacher another guy.

– My father is an engineer!, – answers Vano.

– Oh poor thing! It’s so pity!, – reacts the teacher.

This story is based on true facts, engineers or teachers average wages in Georgia are about $50 per month or $600 annually.


Azerbajan lies South from Russia.


Lietuva or Litva.

There were three countries in USSR that were always claiming their are occupied by Russians. These are Lietuva, Latvia and Estonia. They are not Southern counties like others but are Western to Russia. Now all of them are the part of European Union.


Moldova or Moldavia is a small country South-West of Russia – close to Romania (many thinks it should be a part of Romania someday). And Romania is the country where are some scenes of Borat’s village were filmed.


This is Latvia. We mentioned Latvia some time ago – people there can write different words on car plates. Such fun for them costs around $3800.


This guys are from Kirgizia or Kirgyzstan. The country lies somewhere near Kazakhstan. The favourite drink of the Kirgiz people is a horse milk. It’s really so.


Tajikistan is a country that shares a border with Afghanistan. Most of heroin shipments to Russia come from Tajikistan. Heroin has become a big part of country budget in Afghanistan. And Russia is a big consumer and also a big transit tunnel to Europe. Through new European members as Latvia or Litva.


Armenia is near Azerbajan. They had an armed quarrel with it for some part of territory and still those countries are not friendly.


Turkmenia is a country that grows a lot of cotton.

The leader of Turkmenia is Turkmen-Bashi – he seems also to be a dictator – he is a constant leader of Turkmen people and he loves gold a lot. There are golden statues and monuments of himself. Also he wrote a book that he calls a divine testament and it is obligatory for every school student to read it. They study it in schools.


Estonia or Eesti has been said the most successful country from all the rest of ex-USSR parts. It’s also the member of European Union and has the most high level of life amongst all other ex-USSR countries. It has been said that from the 2007 or so people of Estonia woule be able to travel to USA without any visas or permits.

All the thoughts on the ex-USSR countries are submitted by Traveller. We build this site from submitted material.

51 thoughts on “Parts of USSR”

  1. Estonia and the other Baltic states do not “claim” to be occupied, they were clearly occupied and repressed for 50 years. The founding fathers of Estonia and almost all members of the government were either deported to Siberia or shot on the spot, if you think this was a voluntary submission to the USSR you are greatly mistaken.

    • I can guarantee everyone who’s in question that we were occupied not by choice. Half of my family is either dead or run away from Lithuania because of USSR prosecution. Thanks for your post

  2. Can you say something else about Tajikistan besides that it is a transit country for heroin? It may be true but there are other interesting things about it… like that the people there speak Persian, the same language as Iranians, or that they had the highest peak in the USSR (Pik Kommunizm), or something…

    But I must congratulate you on highlighting the diversity of the USSR. Good post.

  3. This post looks like it was written by someone in the third grade. But then again, so does just about everything on this site.

    By the way, Литва in English is Lithuania, you silly fool.

  4. Yes, please try to stick to historic facts instead of propaganda; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania indeed were clearly occupied and the whole civilized world recognizes it.

  5. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are always occupied. First was the Austrian-whatever Empire; then the Nazis; then URSS; today EU.
    Hey, but we have freedom and democracy… 😉

    Wonder what the hell anyone want with this countries, apart their very strategic position. 😀

    And yes, they’re really beautiful, very warm people.

    • The Austro-Hungarian never occupied the Baltic States…The Baltic States where first under the control of Poland/Denmark/Sweden while being ruled by German barons. In 1721 Peter the Great added the Baltic area to the Russian empire after successfuly fighting a war against Sweden. For the next two hundered years the Baltic would be under Russian rule. However most of the ruling was done by the Baltic German elite, who also played very important roles in the Tsarist administration, particularily foreign affairs. Most Russian foreign ministers spoke German and French better than Russian. It was until the 1880s under Tsar Alexander III when the Baltic people’s began to demand autonomy due to a growing national awarness and repressive Russofication which forbade the teaching of native languages in schools. The horrors which the First World War unleashed gave the Batlic peoples there opportunity for independence. While it was not their original political goal they took their chance. Tasting independence and the success they experiances compared to a restrictive and oppressive Stalinist regime they properly cherished that independence, as i’m sure most Russian’s would have as well. The rest is the bitter legacy of history: war, occupation and under Stalin practical Genocide. Things got better after Stalin but the memories were traumatic and for these reasons it will be a very long time the Baltics have anything nice to say about Russia.

  6. PLD: You’re clearly a dork. Do you even know that the majority of Europeans themselves dispise European Union and think of it as a mob organization (where a cleaning lady earns 3000 euro/month)?? And the British don’t even wanna be a part of Shengen and have euro as a national currency! A lot of people believe EU does more bad than good.
    Only pathetic troll countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania think they’re going into salvation with joining the EU. The world can always change, my friend, and then we’ll see how you’ll be talking. 😉

  7. dRE, you ignorant fool, EU is an economic union.

    and, actually, Baltic states are now by far better off than they ever would have been in mother Russia’s arms.

  8. AHAHAHA … You Russian nationalists make it just too easy. You say: “they still want other people`s money to feed them”. Yeah, now let’s go to the United Nations Development Programme website [] and see what it says about Estonia first:

    This was in 2000 – six years ago: “After seven years of development aid work in Estonia, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is set to end its programme. The country graduated from aid recipient to donor country.

    According to UNDP Resident Representative for Estonia, Patra Lantz, the country has experienced a rapid and successful transition to a market economy, and has been a textbook success story, particularly in its use of information technology for development. ”

    Now, for Russia:

    “UNDP has been in Russia since 1993, when a corresponding Agreement was signed with the Government of the Russian Federation (See “Basic Documents Section”). UNDP Country Office was established in Russia in August 1997. The main ongoing programmes and projects are being implemented in the following concentration areas:

    – Democratic Governance
    – Poverty Reduction
    – Crisis Prevention and Recovery
    – Energy and Environment
    – HIV/AIDS”

    So, Estonia, and other Baltic states are now donor countries, while Russia is still receiving international aid. As I said, you make it too easy, hahaha. Jeez indeed.

    We are tired of Russia as well, the constant propaganda war and incoherent, narrow-minded foreign policy. Sad, given that many Russians are very nice people. Great to know that you have already found your master – the good Czar, and former KGB spy.

  9. (Oh it feels so good.. OMG. AAhh.. Yes.)

    What gets me every time is a fantastic inability of those small states to adequateley evaluate their significance and scale compared to the rest of the world. Comparing it to Russia, Estonia takes less space on a map than a Moscow region, and inhabits 5 times less people than Moscow region WITHOUT including Moscow. Now take a money-counting machine and think, what in the world it would take to turn whole Russia into Estonia? (Speaking of UNDP, wich is just one of the many non-governement organisations working here, it`s work is still *ongoing* with, for example, CHINA.)

    Speaking of donorship, last year Russia has completely paid it`s international debt to IMF, so it`s also a creditor now.

    Speaking of propaganda… well, I dont have to say anything here, because nobody clearly understands what propaganda is. Instead of understanding it, you guys are happy with the thought that everything that “they” say is propaganda, and everything that your governement says to you is not. 😉

  10. are you trying to discredit me for misinterpretation of term “propaganda”? now that would be subject evasion.

    in reply – I don’t care whether propaganda is true or lie. It’s just plain wrong at all levels. People should be able to think on their own.

  11. По улицам Слона водили,
    Как видно, напоказ.
    Известно, что Слоны в диковинку у нас,
    Так за Слоном толпы зевак ходили.
    Отколе ни возьмись, навстречу Моська им.
    Увидевши Слона, ну на него метаться,
    И лаять, и визжать, и рваться;
    Ну так и лезет в драку с ним.
    “Соседка, перестань срамиться, –
    Ей Шавка говорит, – тебе ль с Слоном возиться?
    Смотри, уж ты хрипишь, а он себе идет
    И лаю твоего совсем не примечает. –
    “Эх, эх! – ей Моська отвечает, –
    Вот то-то мне и духу придает,
    Что я, совсем без драки,
    Могу попасть в большие забияки.
    Пускай же говорят собаки:
    “Ай, Моська! знать, она сильна,
    Что лает на Слона!”

  12. And here is a brilliant example of typical Russian attitude towards its former slaves, with a Krylov basnya. The bottom line being, that they should respect Russia for it being so big and mighty (the latter may not necessarily be true), forgive any intrusion into their local affairs and be ready to lick its boot at all times. Mania grandiosa at its best.

    Too bad though, that even Belarus, which was considered a pro-Russian dictatorship until this time, don’t really want such a bully as an ally anymore.

    Look into the mirror more often guys.

  13. PLD, HCK (obviously one person): Do you even remember who occupied your territories? Stalin. Who was Stalin? He was a Georgian. So please, all your whinings regarding “russians turned us into slaves” address to you fellow “democrat” Suckoshvili. It wasn’t Russians who occupied your countries, and all Russians that live there right now were forced to move there, because that’s how it worked in the Soviet system. So you can’t call these people “occupants”.

    p.s. Собаки (балтийские страны) лают, караван (Россия) идет. 🙂

  14. They just don`t get it. I tried. Forgive me world! 🙁

    Дре, согласен, вонь до небес. Но про дядю Джо я бы не стал все таки. Грузины тут вообще не при чем я думаю, они тоже огребли так что до сих пор пыль глотают на обочине.

  15. Occupants (Russian soldiers) mostly left Estonian soil on Aug 31st 1994, btw, so yeah, you’re right, for those remaining and barking about “discrimination” there is another term – “colonists”.

    Yeah, Stalin was something between Neo, Rambo and Superman, singlehandedly defeating every soldier and sending innocent families to Siberia 🙂 Great nazi logic. And oh, he was from Georgia (Osetia btw to be exact), it has to do everything with it, of course. Real useful fact. Good thing he wasn’t Jewish huh?

    It appears that “nationality” concerns you more than anyone else. Though, I have to give you credit, you just admitted Estonia was occupied, that’s what most Russians I’ve spoken to are incapable of 🙂 They keep babbling about “voluntary” entry and how Estonians should be oh-so-thankful for mother Russia for “liberating” them for nearly 50 years. On official level right now no Russian politician will ever admit that, because legally modern Russia is a successor state to USSR. Which is why “the dogs are barking”.

    FYI Russians have lived in Estonia for ages.

    And your caravan seems to be heading straight to hell by the way.

  16. I think the Tajik women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. I had found pictures in other sites, and their natural beauty is amazing.

    Here is a suggestion for the person who developed this topic: can you put the pictures of each of the ethnic minorities of Russia?

    We cannot forget about the people that accepted (or simply did not have the chance to decline) total Russian control. Komis, Karelians, Chuvash, Chechens, Dagestani, Altaic, etc, etc, etc. Show us.

  17. My point was that you can’t blame Russians for the crimes of Stalin and USSR. Under your logic, every single Russian who lives now in the Baltic countries is guilty of occupying your land, even though they didn’t come there because they wanted to, but because it was the Soviet system that always decided who would be sent to work and live where. So you can’t treat these people like you do.
    There’s no equal sign between USSR and Russia, and until you understand this simple fact, we won’t make any progress in our relations.

    • excuse me. We treat those people as our own, however even when we offered them home they find the need to snob us because they are Russian.

  18. You Baltic people are doing great, but I think you should stop messing up the Eurovision Song Contest all the time by supporting each other. It’s really annoying!

  19. one question for Estonian people:
    you say russian solders are occupants, so for you be a nazi and kill in WW2 jews and gipsies is normal condition???

  20. @marvin
    RE: What’s your real name? Matvei?

    Comment by marvin — December 21, 2006 @ 4:57 am


    what’s your real name? Mellisa?

    you strange….

    who send you signals??

    who operates you?

  21. #

    one question for Estonian people:
    you say russian solders are occupants, so for you be a nazi and kill in WW2 jews and gipsies is normal condition???

    Comment by Patrik — December 22, 2006 @ 7:17 am
    Yes, Russian soldiers were occupants; the oppressed Estonians and killed them.
    No, it is not normal to oppress or kill anybody.
    Ergo – Russians of the period and Nazis are the same and should be dealt with in a same manner.

  22. I find it ironic that the Russians resent the independance of countries that were not Russian, that did not want to be Russian and that were forced into the Soviet Union by gun point!

    God forbid these countries have some element of self determination!

  23. 2: QARTVELI

    Your language, grammar and knowledge of Russian forest fauna clearly indicate the level of your intellectual development.

    By the way, I wonder where these jokes about Georgians having sexual intercourse with sheep came from… 😉

    It must be evil Kremlin propaganda. Yeah… Definitely.

    Gotta inform!

  24. You say Baltic states have no resources or military might, that’s very true.. but look where the Russia is with all it’s military might, all it’s phenomenal resources.. exactly nowhere. The simple truth is, somebody else has to manage you, you are not capable of doing that yourselves.. you couldn’t manage soviet union and now after it has shrunk, you can’t manage that piece of land too.. waste of space?

  25. “I agree it was a very pressed invitation into Soviet Union in 1940s, but if you are so proud and fond of freedom why didn’t you refuse and die fighting, like the Czechs and the Polish did?”

    We did:

  26. “what in the world it would take to turn whole Russia into Estonia?”

    How about you give some of the Russian land to Estonia
    you can start with the eastern parts of the current Russia like “petseri” and area north of Narva, that your people promised us at the end of WW2 with the “Tartu Peace Treaty” back in 1920’s funny how suddenly Russian government doesn’t remember anything about it, though the documents are clearly signed by ex Russian leaders 😀

    WTF guys, seriously, what you are doing is considered a theft

  27. i didn’t like the thing you said on romania, that borat was filmed partially in romania. thatțs true, but irrelevant. and i hope that moldova will be some day a part of romania. half of its citizens have also romanian citizenship.
    btw, i used to not like russia or russians for historical reasons, but one day i found this site and i keep on visiting it once a week, probably. you’re doing a great job ’cause i found that we are not that different and the hatred i used to feel started to melt. that’s interesting. russia is interesting.

  28. I knew this would degenerate into petty nationalist sniping, but thanks for the lovely photos. All the people portrayed are beautiful.

  29. Very poor website. Especially the frozen house in Estonia: I’ve been in Estonia 4 times and, hell, their apartments and cities look way better then the ones of west europe (including Germany, France, Italy, Spain!). The shown apartment belongs, most likely, to some emarginated russian family.


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