15 thoughts on “Another Univercity Campus”

  1. Please to stop making funny mother Russia. Russia is great nation, you can find something interesting every place.

    Come in my country please

  2. I suspect this is a “squat” and not a University dorm. Pretty average for a squatter’s place.

    It always intersst me that graffiti in Russia is so similar to western graffiti. This style is a little different, but still reminds me of US graffiti.

    Also looks like somebody “pinched one off” in the urinal.

  3. Maybe an abandoned dorm on a college campus? I find it hard to believe that some one could be living there and studying at the same time. Besides the sanitary conditions, it also looks unheated.

  4. naaah…thats a russian crack house….U have to be kidding me…that can’t be a campus!!!…..BTW i am colombian living in canada and i find this page reeeeally insightful…it’s an unbelievable job what u do here congrats :D!!!

  5. The first picture is my room at Kiev State University. We still live there. Studying sometimes is hard due to the bug infestation and lack of light.
    As you can see the bathrooms were just cleaned before taking these pictures, so I will go an as you americans say “pinch one” right now. Sometimes there is a problem with toilet paper, but I use pieces of drywall.

  6. Sergey Potapov, please tell me you are lying. I know there are many abandoned buildings spread in the ex-soviet countries, but these rooms are not for students. The University abandoned it and poor people may live there if they wish.
    Yuschenko wouldn’t allow the University to be resposible to it in the heart of the Ukrainian nation.

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