17 thoughts on “No Plates at All”

  1. first of all, this is not borat’s car and second, in the first minutes of the movie, the car is a old DACIA car(it’s a Romanian car, since those first minutes were filmed in a Romanian gypsy village)

  2. You guys think its funny but I think it’s brilliant. I mean when you have a car that doesn’t run, you might as well use it. It’s better than a coach, theres no winds inside, and rain cant get in either. Awesome!

  3. My parents had this car when I was a kid! Light-blue, everything. It didn’t have a horse in front of it then, but we never had any gas, so we only used it for emergencies.

  4. Think about fuel consumption! And emissions!!!

    100% green car
    100% independence from oil companies
    You don’t have to be absolutely sober to drive. This car has a quite good AI and autopilot, so You can even sleep while driving home…

    biotechnologies rock!


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