Moscow 1927

A few shots of Moscow city back from 1927.

Photos are black and white.



Bank of Moscow river.


The advertisement in the cinema for the movie “Indian Thomb”.


Communist rally on red square.


Another thomb, now it’s a Lenin Mausoleum – a place in Moscow city where mummy of Lenin lies under a thick glass cover so everybody can walk in and have a look at Lenin’s body. It’s still there even after almost 20 years of Communist regime collapsed.

It stands next to the Kremlin, right in the middle of Moscow city. For some strange reason a palm can be seen near it.


Before Soviet era there was a China town in Moscow city, separated with such a wall. Here the workers renovate it, next to them the book shop stands can be seen with books for sale. The wall was removed completely in a few years after.


The Suharevskaia tower.


The Tverskaya street.


Flood in Moscow, 1927.

These images were scanned by some rare old book by Maha

13 thoughts on “Moscow 1927”

  1. You are crazy :). There never was China town in Moscow. There is “Kitay-gorod” district, but it’s name comes not of russian spelling Kitay (China), but of “kita” – bunch of poles, which the ancient pre-stone walls of town where made of.

  2. Great pictures.
    Sad to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for the Communists, Russia could’ve been in a better economical shape right now than US.

  3. If it wasn`t for the Communists, Russia of course could be in better economical shape, being another “bundesl√§nden” and having it`s population wiped out by you-know-who.


  4. You never know. May be WWII would have never happened. If it did, Russian people and whatever government was there would have kicked youknowwho’s ass.

  5. Of course we will never know.

    But if you ask me, the nation can be whatever strong and courageus, but it will not win a war with bare hands and without commanders.

    The photo with mausoleum looks almost mysterious to me. Knowing that it`s design was inspired by ancient stepped pyramids and persian tombs, the palm tree add`s some more ancient-egyptian-persian something here.

  6. What is interesting and sad about these photos is that the people in them had no idea what they were in for in the next few years.

  7. Calvin: yes, it’s sad to think.
    I wonder what Soviet Union would be, if there was not Stalin but someone else to come to power after Lenin.
    1) Would the world loose against Nazi?
    2) Or there would be no WWII at all?
    3) Would Soviets become a prosperous nation?
    4) Or would USSR still break apart because of unrealistic system of resource allocation (speaking in economical terms)?
    5) Or would another dictator come? [I mean, Lenin’s rule was strict, but that’s normal after a revolution. But would the regime soften or not…]

    Too bad we will never know.

  8. It’s hard to say if the NSDAP would seize power in Germany if there was no revolution in Russia. The Weimar Republic would have no reason to crack down on commies in the 20s; also, red scare was one of the most important parts of Nazi propaganda en plus, even if it came that far the western powers would hardly have any reason to appease Hitler if there was no need for a Bulwark against the Soviet Union. BUT, the Russian people would be still the ‘people of workers and slaves’;p. It’s funny to believe that medieval agrarian authocracy would become something extraordinary. ‘What If’-questions are so… tasty.

  9. why did not the former soviet russians invade/attack japan during ww2?I think it would be so funny if somebody accidently/purposely broke/shattered the glass around lenin’s body.

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