Car Plates from Latvia

We write here not only about Russia but about all the counties of ex-USSR.

In all these countries there is a big fraction of Russian people and more than half of people in all these countries understand Russian and speak Russian.

Today there are photos from Latvia.

Latvia sells the right to write ANY word on car plates to people who can pay for this.

Usually as you can see on the pictures only guys with expensive cars buy this.

Let’s see what words are popular in modern Latvia:


What a cool plate. Simple and straight.


Previously in Russia after the communism collapse the gangsters like Mercedeces and BMWs, probably this guy is stuck in 90s.


This one really reminds one.


One of the most perfect.


Is he a top e-bay seller rated AAA?


Just “COM”.




Rich and doesn’t care.


He is probably the Goblin Hummer friend.


Nice one.


Girls don’t have any more chance. He is married already.


I thought it could suit more to Audi TT.


Yeah, really cooool.


So many LV’s…


Some might say it’s more silver than gold…


Maybe somebody remembers old Soviet times when Russian athletes had such sign “CCCP” which means USSR in cyrillics spelling.


Not so foxy, this BMW is old.


The self-descriptive one.


Show me you ID?


Of course in any country there are USA fans.


And that one is the coolest. They don’t have words to describe the level of the superriority so they choose symbols.


52 thoughts on “Car Plates from Latvia”

  1. As an American and used to seeing vanity plates, I feel a common ground with Latvians expressing themselves by the simple act of choosing their own license plates instead of the government deciding for them. Long live democracy!

  2. All that people are doing by buying themselves personalized licence plates, in Latvia or anywhere, is saying ‘I am a wanker’.

  3. custom license plate cost was recently raised to ~4000 USD! it was ~800usd before! I think it is because of inflation and even more people could afford it. And due to this pretty dumb license plates started to appear!

    As inetersting thing is that neighbouring countries (Estonia and Lithuania) has default nummber pattern for plates with three letters and three nummbers, so I think you can get funny plates without paying! For example SKY 555 or SEX 69!

  4. you missed some – honda accord with plate “kikbokss” and dodge viper with plate “simba”

    check other names here

  5. about TT:

    TT is not only audi TT

    TT is also a gun. much more popular than audi tt, especially between rusian killers. 🙂

    Effective, based on Colt’s 1905 model
    Used in Sviet army during WW2

  6. with number plates it’s even more interesting in russia. with good money you can purchace coverment ceritificates (covernment plates) and use cirens/lights. thats supremancy 🙂

  7. one more comment. Been there and can tell you that you missed some nice plates like XXL, XXXL, XXXXL and XXX or simply X 🙂 all on new S Merc’s and Bentley’s.

  8. I’m from Latvia and I as well have a custom licence plate. I was lucky enough to get it with only two letters – my initials. I really like that (how it looks on my car), but I have no intention to be more “superior” than others.

    • I agree with you, they look great, but dont you think it’s a waist of money?
      In Spain we dont have that…
      But come one, 20 years ago cars were cheaper in spain than those custom plates!!!!

  9. Hi there, I’m impressed with the quality information you were able to gather. I look at that last car – amazing, I – living in Latvia, didn’t know we have anything like that. Looks like cool joke.

    Couple of these names are really good, I wonder if you have full list of them?

  10. biggest individual LV number collection here:

  11. Hey people. I’m from Brazil, but I think that Belarus guy was very ironic and sarcastic, and had no meaning to offend.

    He’s right in one thing, is more easy to remember a custom plate than a RFE 5491 (the kind of plate scheme we use here in Brazil).

    And I love my trip to the baltic countries, what a beautiful place!

  12. Maybe the TROLL owner plated his car so in memory of the Norwegian Troll car from the 1950s?

  13. I am Latvian, I saw some of these cars on steets, Not only russians own these plates but Latvians as well.
    And the last car – Silver Mercedes S600 or S500 is previous Latvia president’s car, Symbol means, Latvijas republika, flag.

  14. to REx:

    Who suffered greatly, in what way ?! Man there is nothing wrong with a CCCP number plates and many Latvian inhabitants miss the soviet times, including ethnic Latvians. Suffering takes places now, thanks to puppet pro-USA government who doesn’t give s**t about its people. By the way, communism and nazism is not the same thing, you have been brainwashed.

    • common

      People suffered and a lot. Mainly ethnic Latvians so it’s not possible that MANY (as you wrote) Latvians miss that time…

      Afterall, where did you read that? In some Russian “non-propaganda” newspaper?

      Did REx said that communism and nazism is the same? Examples were solid, IMO.

  15. Uhm, My fiance is from Latvia, she has been in America only 3 years. Actually, while it is true that Latvians do typically take english classes in school, Latvians more so have a disgust for the Russians who have inhabited Latvia since the soviet times, and still REFUSE to even LEARN Latvian! It almost echos of the current situation in America with illegal immigrants refusing to learn English.

    Another note about the License plates. According to my fiance’s Latvian friends who come here to visit, young Latvian women are now jumping into the passenger seats of expensive cars when stopped at red lights, simply trying to bag a rich man! That one license plate that said “Married” has to be an attempt to ward off these young desperate women.

    Sorry, I’m not one to comment on blogs I don’t visit frequently (hit this site via stumbleupon) – but i just had to comment on this one. Some of these plates can also be viewed as ways to attract young ladies for personal pleasure.

  16. AAA probably refers to the american automobile association. at least that’s what i would think it means if i saw it in the states.

    • Can you read english? Latvia is an ex-Soviet state. Its basically Russia. All you Finns, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, etc crack me up. You have no identity, no tribe you belong to anymore, you are a Russian

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