Russian Army Mobile Church

Here are the photos from Russian army.

They went to field practice and look who come with them.

These are Russian Christian and Muslim clerics, some of the dressed into Russian Army Uniform.

There are also a Mobile Russian Army Church which is being placed to an army van.

russian church in army

Here the Russian army tanks in the field. Tanks, trucks and tents – in one truck there is a Mobile Church and in one tent there is a Mobiel Church also.

russian church in army

And this is Russian Army Mobile Church.

russian church in army

Here are the priests – some wear Army Uniform together with their clerical symbols.

russian church in army

Another Russian Army Mobile Church is located in the tent

russian church in army

They look they are fond of being there in there army and don’t quarrel – a real unity of Islam and Christianity.

15 thoughts on “Russian Army Mobile Church”

  1. A higher proportion of muslim to Russian Orthodox than I would anticipate, since I would assume that they are still very much a minority. The cleric that is second from the left in the outside shot looks different than the other Muslims. Shi’ite muslim maybe?

  2. In finnish army we call these guys the “anti-devil” corps.

    HA HA– that’s good.

    I wonder there are more Muslims in the army than you would expect, for the same reason there are more blacks and hispanics in the US army than in the general population– more opportunites in the army, guaranteed employment, learn skills. I assume most Muslims in Russia are generally from the non-slavic ethnicities, are they also at the bottom of the economic ladder in Russia?

  3. Dont know about the US, but in Russia we have ethnic and religious communities spread over a huge space of land, so it is possible for them not to mix up too much, so you have catholics to the west, orthodox church in central Russia, muslims in southern republics, buddhists on far south-east, and even the Jewish autonomous district (VERY far away to the east, not far from Korea). There are even pagan natives in the north Syberia. Because of that, you can have a conscripts and professional soldiers with very different beliefs.
    And I wouldnt` say that muslims have less wealth than people of other religion. In fact, I believe their communities are more prosperous – because of mutual aid and specific muslim “banks”.

    • “…In fact, I believe their communities are more prosperous – because of mutual aid and specific muslim “banks”.”

      Muslims do not drink alcohol, whereas Russian Christian men destroy their health & wealth through Vodka. This alone makes a big difference in the end game.

  4. “and don’t quarrel – a real unity of Islam and Christianity.”

    And THAT is some real progress by a country that hasn’t made much lately.

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