Bribe a Bride

In Southern parts of Russia, in places like Chechnya, Ingushetiya or Dagestan there is a tradition to steal a bride before the wedding.

Also a bride can be stolen in order to express the wish to marry a girl.

Those traditions come from ancient times and money young Russian Southerners try to follow them.

Here is how it looks when in the modern office such things happen.

p.s. don’t make the volume level too high because in the end of the video music suddenly apears.

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  1. Okay, what happened here afterwards? Was it just a traditional kidnapping before the actual marriage or something else? It sure looked like a real kidnapping to the office workers! The tradition is well known throughout the world – I guess we men have always had to “fight” a little to get the women we want 😉

  2. Savage tradition. When are they going to embrace the 21st century and abandon these absurd rituals/traditions? Somehow it reflects a notion of a woman being a “commodity” which is prevalent in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries. To me, it’s humiliation and disrespect of a woman being treated that way.

  3. Okay, wait, so I don’t understand. Was this a fun prank and everybody was having a good time afterwards, or is this not a good thing.

  4. In places like Kyrgystan, this is supposedly how most marriages take place (according to the Discovery Channel, at least). They will kidnap the girl they want, and the family of the man will spend days convincing the girl to marry him, and will let her go when she does. This “tradition” is sick when used this way, and is simply an excuse for philistinism.

  5. Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Daghestan are Muslim areas, even though they belong to Russia politically. This behavior is not part of the culture of real Russians.

  6. No it wasn’t a prank. This really does take place…

    I saw a documentary on this subject a few years ago… (I believe it was shown by PBS or HBO). But it was about Kazakstan (sp?) I believe… However, the same tradition goes on in Russia.

    But onto another subject….

    Why is your country (Russia) controlled by a group of KGB thugs, and ex-military hardliners? They operate more like a mafia group/criminal gang- (If they are responsible for these killings). Why has Russia regressed back to Soviet practices?
    What are the true intentions of these mysterious men (Putin & Company)? They seem to be out of control. And is there any chance that things will ever change for the better there…and that Russia will want to seek Democracy and will want to truly become a part of the world of civilized nations? Is it possible for Russia and the Western World to have friendlier relations?

    Interesting Commentary Here:

    • At first America should stop the imperialistic military program and dismiss NATO. Then Russian people will feel to you trust. Constant threats from the West have no to cooperation, isn’t it?

      P.S/Our authorities not such and terrible as them draws western propoganda

  7. Saw a program about this once, totally farked up. The girl is coerced into a forced marriage by the other abductors family members using good cop bad cop technics (this is your new family now, you never see your mom and dad again. run away and we’ll rape and kill you, hurt your siblings). quaint stuff like that. If you’ve seen Borat you you’ll recall the embroiled bag that he used on Pamela, there are actually bags or rugs used to kidnap girls for these kinds of things.

  8. This tradition is spread allover Russia, that’s just a game for a wedding day. Usually no one is REALLY stealing a girl from work or something, but people have fun playing those roles, when they have “to steal” or “to pay”.

  9. my friend is russian and he stole a bride before but its just for fun like for an hour or 2 theday before wedding. then you demand a ransom like 5 vodka bottles.

    I think this is what happens here…doesnt seem like rural Kazaksthan!

  10. Wow a kidnapping just for fun! The woman in the video seems to be very amused by the sight of those 6 men coming at once to get her.

  11. I am form Armenia, and it is actually like that when the girl or her parents dont give an agreement(this is gonna sound wild!!!) for a marrige guy can steal the bride. after that no one will marry her(theoreticaly), because she is his woman aftherwards (gosh sounded like Borat!!!). Anyway if the girl calls police the guy gets 10 years in prison ;/

  12. Here is a clarification for those who do not know, or for those who compare this to Central Asian or Slavic traditions. This kidnapping tradition is widespread across the Caucasus, it is not a “Muslim” tradition as Islam strictly forbids this. Armenians, Georgians and Ossetians who are mostly Christian practice it too. This video is made in Chechnya. The song is Chechen. They are not “Southern Russians”.

    This practice nowadays happens 99% of the time with the following scenario: It happens when a young couple would like to marry, but someone (usually the girl’s parents) are against the union. The guy then goes with his friends to kidnap her. She might be in on the plan, she might not be, but 100% of the time, she should expect it. It is real, it is not a joke. Once she spends a night away from her parents’ home, her parents will usually give their consent, and they marry. If she doesn’t, there are ways for her relatives to get her back without everyone losing face.

  13. Wow, Russian Women Rule is a Creep, tell us how you really feel!

    Watching this video reminded me of something an English professor of mine once said that I’ve never been able to verify. She told our class that the origin of the “honeymoon” comes from the brutal Anglo-Saxon tradition of a guy and his buddies kidnapping a girl and raping her repeatedly for the next month or so. Once she got pregnant, she became his little wifey. Don’t know if this true or not, but I’m sure it’s true for some culture, somewhere.

    I much prefer the contemporary Western tradition of a man on bended knee asking a woman to be his bride. I like the idea of rape being socially unacceptable.

  14. I just saw a programme on the BBC about bride stealing, that is such a good idea for men not so good for the women but like James Brown sang ‘This is a man’s World….but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl….’ Women are getting hard to get they all want footballers or celebrity look alikes so if an ugly man has to stel a bride and the Chechyaan law allows this then any ugly man is going to think it is Christmas and use the Chechyan law to get a model bride. In the west the women sell themselves to the richest man they can find so that is not so good for a relationship either. The caveman would drag off his bird so its the natural thing to do – its just so called civilization has made it impossible for ugly men to get a shag buddy so Chechnya is made for the caveman if I can get a dual passport its the way to go as you can grab a good looking woman and her family says take her thats ok brilliant for men that do not look like Beckham abd that do not have the wealth of a footballer. Some Chechyan women are not bad looking in fact dam pretty too. The bird on the bbc programme was very beautiful and resigned herself to marry that bloke that would not have a chance of a wife of that beauty without kidnapping her. Thats what all men need is a Chechyan bride they seem to accept their fate much better than the ho’s in western countries.

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