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  1. Looks like a Sukoi 22. It seems to be missing its outer wings also. Perhaps it was placed there as a static display and everything grew around it, but that seems unlikely since it is so close to the road.

  2. It’s a Mig 21 Fishbed.
    My guess is that it was being transported somewhere (like a museum), they had to unload it for some reason and it finished on that road for a permanent exposition.

  3. This thing is being trasported somewhere, it has small red rags or something on it`s wingtips for warning, and it`s not installed on location. The transporters probably messed up with route and entered wrong street, too narrow to pass because of trees?

  4. “I would hop in the cockpit or something and start imagining a fight.

    Comment by Dido — December 1, 2006 @ 7:13 am”


    Dude, that is the best comment ever! I can’t see how people cannot be interested in that – boring fu*kin adults! I think we should play together… :-/

  5. That’s not a machine gun. It is a rocket launch-pad, it can fire unguided rockets, primarily for ground-attack operations. Btw, the canopee looks broken and its’ left wing too. Maybe it has some local story with it, like “crash-landing on a street” or something. Looks on its’ front wheel – i can’t say this aircraft is “parqued”.

  6. diego is correct, it is a MiG 21. It is a very early version, as noted by its vertical tail and the shape of the “spine” that runs down its fusalage.

  7. I’m trying to imagine an a surplused F-16 on a side walk on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. If we’d lost the Cold War that would have happened.

  8. this is why soviet union ended up being a third world country. if USA keeps wasting 600b$ yearly on its military, it will too suffer a similar fate. pizzas or guns? the same constraints remain (i prefer robots and some pizzas).

  9. It is very rare modification of the Fishbed. It calls MiG-21PFS or better known like MiG-21SPS (second name).
    It was placed there temporary during the military memotial was reconstructed. Now it airplane is in the garden of the military museum. Its condition how you can see is very bad. May be it will be restored soon

  10. It is an MIG-21 … and it’s in the front of the war museum in Chisinau, Moldova.

    Knowadays they put it inside …

  11. Uih wie immer ein informativer Post. Wenn doch nur alle Posts so gut zu lesen wären. Gruß Rheba Baque

  12. This is AMAZING!

    Coud have had taken more photos! Only three? Too few! Too too few!

    The canopy cover is destroyed, and without removing right wing tip, the cars wouldn’t pass. And front wheel isn’t touching the ground, must been sustained by the tree.

    I would love to know more about it.

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