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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2006-10-30-abstinence-message_x.htm

    I would risk it. Anyway, i hope they won’t come up with anything like this (see link). May be people will get married for just 1 night. That would be funny. Go America! – if Russia makes me cry, US makes me laugh.


  3. AmericaPhobe: Man, you’re wasting your breath with LR. You think you’re talking to a person who’s, one of many here, just expressing her hateful opinions, well, you’re very wrong! LR is a paid spammer, her job is to spew anti-Russian propaganda all over the internet and that’s what she’s doing every day. Sadly, she and her bosses don’t realize that their activity is pointless and won’t change anything, so they’re just wasting time and money for nothing.

  4. And I sincerely hope Westerners would stop marrying Russian brides, because Russian women can take abuse from Russian men, but they won’t take it from foreigners! And that’s what happens in most cases, when Americans or Europeans just think that they’re marrying another housewife who’s gonna do all the job while they’re hanging out with their friends. And how many adopted Russian children have been murdered by American couples in the past 2 years?!

  5. 2 dRE: about money and LR we have a joke

    2 mans speaking…
    – What do you think about it?
    – Same as you
    – You don’t have an personal opinion?
    – I have, but i don’t agree with it.

  6. Hey RadioGaGa , don’t trouble yourself) LR would just say that you just blaiming others instead of trying to solve problems of russia=)

  7. Radiogaga, Your facts are true only in partial ways. There is always truth in facts, yes you are right. Your numbers are a bit off however. I would go so far as to say way off. I live in the US.As a matter if fact I live in the Washington DC Area for part of the year and we have a home in Ukraina as well.Yes!! We have a high murder rate here. Yes, some are fat or overweight as it is called here. Domestic abuse, yep right again, although 70% of it does not involve Native Americans. As a rule real American people are pretty laid back and easy going people, however we do get crazy at times as does everyone. Killing people in war or in defence of your country is nothing new for any country.
    Prisons, yep right again. They are full of people from all nations that have broken the law and will remain that way until people stop going crazy and act right.
    I am not taking up for Kim, and yes, that is her real name , she is a big girl and as you can see for yourself she can take care of herself very well. She attacks only when being attacked and that is quite natural for anyone to do. Watch CNN and BBC you can go blind doing that with all the BS that they lie about.

  8. “She attacks only when being attacked and that is quite natural for anyone to do”

    Patrick: You obviously don’t know LR very well and haven’t read many of her comments on other blogs. Believe me, she attacks whenever she feels like it, not for the purpose of defending herself (please, from what and from whom?!). And all her “attacks” can easily be summarised like this: “Russia bad, America good”. Typical short-sighted way of viewing life for most Americans, I guess.

  9. Russians are white and they are Christians, so it is normal to blame them for everything, speak about them like a second sort men, “slave”, drunk junky and so. This is not racism for common westerner.
    Imagine blogs like La Antisemitism or La Negrophobia or La Sinophobia. Such blogs cannot exist anyhow, because society will never tolerate it.

  10. ???????and where do people get that kind of statistics? from 16th century archives? it’s VERY surprising for me…. sad…

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