First Russian CD

first russian cd

These are photos of first Russian CD.

In Russia common people didn’t have cd players untill mid 90s, so in later 80s there were no Russian music discs at all.

This was the first one produced by Russian music company “Melodia”. You can read the contents on the pictures – it was both on English and Russian language because it was mainly for export – nobody in Russia was in need of cd’s.

Photos by Gyuri from Hungary.

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Russian Wooden Highscraper

Today we have hand made stories. Another one is submitted by Timo.

This one is really strange. It is a wooden multi-stored building. It looks like a real skyscraper in Arkhangelsk city. All the houses in the town are mainly two- three- stored and here it stands – a twelve stored wooden tower, more than 120 ft high (38 metres).

There is not elevator and you can reach the top of the building climbing by a carved wooden stairs.

The building can be seen from all the town. The city authorities claim that the building spoils the town view and demand to reduce it by… 10 stores. But he refuses. He really likes his creation and most of the local people think that it looks nice.

wooden skyscraper, Arkhangelsk, Russia

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Self Made Tanks

A guy from a small village located near Novosibirsk, Russia has a hobby. His hobby is to make full size models of old tanks.

He makes only those models that were totally destroyed during the wars and no any other copy can be found in the whole word. So he takes the pictures and the old tank comes to life again.

All of his models are full-sized and can move. They have engines, transmissions etc from modern cars and can be driven, though they are not registered.

Once he got a little tour across the neighborhood on his new example of a World War II tank. That made a lot of panics in the quite Siberian area – police arrived to see why the tanks entered the village.

He says his dream is to built a full sized working model of an aircraft-carrier.

self made tank

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