Dirty Cars Ads

Some guys in Moscow city offer a new approach for a street advertisement.

Due to a constant dirty weather during most time of the winter and spring most of the cars are dirty.

The most dirty are the public transportation means like buses.

So these guys find a way of how to use this and get some profit. They offer a “cheap advertising” – writing your classifieds or other information on the dirty buses of the city.

They hire cheap workers who write the information on buses, trucks and other cars why they stand on a traffic light or in a traffic jam in hundreds, after that all the city is full of the cars carrying your classified.

And there is another side of this method – those who don’t want to carry the commercial on their bus have to wash it – thus making the city looking more brightly.

dirty car ads

14 thoughts on “Dirty Cars Ads”

  1. Right polish guy. If they dont want people to advertise on their cars then they need to keep them clean. It would go a long way in to making any city just a little bit more beautiful.

  2. You don’t really believe that this is real. If you do, you have to check your head.
    We used to write the same thing on busses and troleys and write classmate’s phone number.

    Hey Mike!
    It says: “For cheap advertising on busses call ….”

  3. Oh come on, it`s just a joke. Like “Wash me, im all itchy.”

    Who wants to see his AD written in dirt anyway?

    (Author go drink poison)

  4. thanks for the translation, I thought it’d say something funnier

    it is a good point, i’d do it!

    You get people to give you ads, then you got out at night with a friend to a the bus lot and finger paint all the classified you have, and the bonus is a cleaner city! plus you’d make some pocket change.

    i love the idea.

  5. russians are all dirty and poopy, we learned this today from our social studies teacher. i believe him. russians are in love with satan.

  6. Да невооружённым глазом видно, что надпись сделана с помощью Adobe Photoshop!

  7. Its’s a pleasure for me that you appreciated my work, but
    I must say that this was designed in Minsk.

    If any business proposees please call +375 297 {the rest of the number see on the picture}

    Regs =)


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