Biggest Hole in the Ground

The places on the photos is 2000 ft  (700m) deep hole in the ground.

It’s called Korkinsk Coal Mine – the deepest and largest in Europe open coal mine and second largest in the world.

Miles of rails, hundreds of electro trains and giant excavators work in this place.

That’s probably one of the biggest hand made things on the Earth.

biggest coal mine

The small dots on the picture above are giant excavators like this:

giant excavator

On the next picture you would see more clearly how small they seem to be in comparisson with this coal mine:

coal mine

Here they are. And you see those steps? On this picture the steps of the landscape seem to be small, but look at the next photo:

russian coal mine

This is the sample of such a step. It’s taller than 7 stored building.

open coal mine

Those steps go down to the bottom of the mine.

coal mine

And here is the bottom of the 2000ft deep man made hole in the ground.

stairs to mine

Yes that, Russia, so here we have wooden steps to the bottom of the mine. You can take a walk by this steps for an hour or two to reach the bottom. Or of course you can ask some excavator or electric train driver who carry coal for a free spiral ride down there, they usualy are glad to strangers.

Here is also link to Google Sat. images of this place:,61.430311&spn=0.092766,0.477905&t=k&om=1


photos by danila85

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  1. Does anyone know where you can find that sattelite image of this thing. You can see it from space. Also there is another image taken from a jet and I believe it shows one of those giant dump trucks heading down in to the mine.

  2. I heard the biggest open-cast mine in the world was in a place called Mirny (or something similar to that name). It too was in Russia.

  3. I was THERE in december 2004!!!
    Korkino is a village or very-very small town near Chelyabinsk city. Actually there’s no problem at all to go and see this really big hole. There’s no police, hired-weres, etc. We just went there by car – the car road is situated just 50 metres from this hole. It’s really impessive.
    And near this hole there’s a big mountain of ground, excavated from this hole.
    Korkino is a VERY bad place to live in. LOTs of desease, sickness from this dirty coal mine. Cancer. Children dies a lot! People leave this town.

  4. here is the link,+Russia&ie=UTF8&z=12&ll=54.920434,61.425934&spn=0.094118,0.346069&t=k&om=1

  5. Actually the yallourn open cut beats this. the mine dregers in the yallourn open cut are 12 storey high, the mine is three kilometre wide and I forget how deep

  6. the worlds largest man made hole is Chuquicamata Copper Mine in Chile…

    its 4.3 kilometers long, 3 kilometers wide and 930 deep…

  7. Would be of interest of the web manager and readers. The biggest man made hole in the world is in Russia but is not Korkinsk mine, is another soviet era creation, the Kola Superdeep Borehole:

    • No, deepest man made dig is Kola superdeep borehole, about 12 kilometers deep.

  8. Ive seen a similar structure in China close to border with North Korea. An Austrian train enthusiast took the photos


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