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  1. Several years ago, a Russian friend of mine showed me a Russian movie, the title of which he translated as “The Specifics of Russian National Hunting.” He was able to translate much of the dialog as it played from having seen it so many times. There was a later sequel about fishing as well. I remember thinking that it was hilarious in a multitude of ways, and this reminds me of it. In the movie, one character unloads some hunting supplies so more liquor cases will fit in the van. Another finds a bear that is passed out drunk and is bitten while trying to get a Polaroid picture. If anyone knows this movie and could help me locate it, I would appreciate it.

  2. “Особенности национальной охоты”, well, if you can read cyrillics, that’s it :). That was a nice movie, btw, quite popular in Finland too.

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