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  1. I don’t know about that ad but towards the end of the soviet union my family was able to obtain a car just like that.

    During soviet times it was not about whether you wanted to buy a car, it was about getting a permit from the state to allow you to get one. And I’m guessing that at the beginning of democratic russia people didn’t have money to buy any other cars anyway.

    But the ad doesn’t look legit anyway.

    The car was really bad, by the way. Broke down all the time, not to mention it was designed in the late seventies. They continued to sell it till about the year 2000.

  2. Also, here is a collection of soviet ads from estonia:

    Most of them are for totally generic products, for instance oranges, lemons, cocao pudding, since there weren’t any brands. At the end of the commercial they would maybe show the name of the community farm that is producing the product.

    Since the topic is cars, here is a commercial about a soviet small car, Zaporožets (ZAZ)

    Clips from that commercial where also featured at the end of the Borat movie, to many peoples surprise.

  3. well, I can believe it’s a real ad. in early nineties people in exUSSR had no clue how the ad should look like, and there were tons of clumsy and/or bizarre commercials on tv just like this one. does anyone remember that crazy “ventilyatornyi zavod” or “tazobedrennyi sustav” commercials? I would love to see them again 🙂

    btw, “position number one” etc. seem to be direct references to the popular (should I say cult?) russian movie Assa from 1987.

  4. Ок, this video is from Orenburg TV Planeta! (local TV channel) Moreover, I know all those guys, who made that. Tell you what, This was the joke, prank, whatever you call it! This commercial is for local dealer. Haven’t u seen wierdo commercials for any local car dealers in US??? Post them here!

  5. I heard this awful song which they’re covering (by Kai Metov, I think) in 1992 or 1993. Also, this looks rather like one of those silly ads we had in the first post-communist years.

  6. russia 90’s like chicago 30’s! black lada samara(VAZ 2109) with dark black windows – it’s real gangster car 🙂

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