18 thoughts on “Russian Roads 9”

  1. Gasten, ik versta er geen flikker van. Beter spreken jullie iets wat we allemaal verstaan in plaats van jullie eigen kleine taaltje, ook al hoop ik ooit eens te begripen waar de fok jullie het eigenlijk over hebben.

  2. Well, guys, you can write on english, french, dutch, spanish or flamnese, i don’t mind. I hope you won’t switch to chinese though, because it would affect my brain (or whatever i have instead of it) and make me write on latin.
    But, in order to make out life a little bit easier, i would appreciate if we stick to English(UK).
    Best regards,

  3. BERT: I guess by “small language” you meant your own which is spoken by what, only about 20 million people (maybe a little more), as opposed to Russian which is spoken by how many, let’s say 200 million people around the world??
    Just a hint: maybe you should start learning Russian, since you visit this website which is about Russia of course, then you wouldn’t have problems understanding what some people write here. (I for one know both Russian and Dutch for example).

  4. ILYICH: You’re right, the Soviets built those roads, but the admin referred to them as “Russian”. As you know, even under Soviet Union there was a separate Russian republic and Ukranian one. As for the road on this photo – I’m pretty sure it was built by the Ukranians since they lived on this territory under Soviet Union, not Russians.

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